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Natural home remedy, simple home ingredients.


No independent reports on effectiveness. Lots of discussion but no positive endorsements for this method.


In the light of other options and lack of proof, not recommended, especially at $40.00

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Joe Barton's Kidney Stone Removal Report from
Kidney Stone Removal Report Review
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The "Kidney Stone Removal Report" by Joe Barton - REVIEW

If you are suffering from Kidney Stones then the excruciating pain associated with passing them may well have you turning to the internet for home remedies.

After all, nothing could be worse than those shooting, stabbing crippling, pains.

Kidney Stones (renal calculi) are solid concretions of dissolved minerals in your urine, and typically form inside the kidneys or bladder - and so of course have to be passed through the urine. 

They vary in size from as small as grains of sand to as large as a golf ball. Many stones are formed and passed without causing symptoms but unfortunately that's probably not you! 

Joe Barton claims that his Kidney Stone Remedy will dissolve and pass your kidney stones 'pain free' in less than 24 hours using an all-natural, safe, home remedy.

You can cancel that scheduled surgery, he says, and save yourself thousands in medical bills.

Not to mention the pain... which, as you no doubt know, comes with out warning and feels as if you've been stabbed in the back with a sharp knife.

The stones hurt so much because they have razor-sharp, crystallized edges.

(It doesn't take much imagination, does it... after all you have to pass these things out in your urine...)

So you can avoid or reduce pain by smoothing the edges of the stone or dissolving them into small particle.s

Joe Barton's Kidney Stone Removal Report will teach you how to do with with no drugs or chemicals. 

The website details the method - drink 2 liters of a common beverage, then eat 8 ounces of a specific green vegetable (cooked and blended) - but, this tantalizing glimpse does not reveal the details of exactly which beverage and vegetable.

For that you have to pay $39.97.

The method works via the beverage 'rushing' right to your kidneys and urinary tract, and causing a 'painless chemical reaction' that will begin to dissolve your kidney stones.

They will, apparently, turn into sludge. Then the vegetable puree will flush out the small kidney stone remnants painlessly.

Both ingredients are easy to obtain worldwide, inexpensive, and safe for both diabetics and pregnant women.

Joe Barton acknowledges that there is much discussion around kidney stone removal online but argues that 'time is valuable' and that his report will take you through the process step by step.

And he lists many positive endorsements on his website. 'It hurt so bad I'd try anything,' says one customer. 'So my wife went to the store and got the items listed in the remedy and I took them. In about 2 hours the pain had lessened and the next morning I passed a stone, no pain.'

Joe says that his remedy works for over 80% of people, and is most effective for kidney stones caused by diet and lifestyle issues (the majority) rather than inherited conditions. It will not, he says, work on the stones which are too large to dissolve with any natural remedy.

It works best for kidney stones of 7mm or less but will work with larger ones ('a big block of ice takes longer to melt than a bag of ice cubes' he says).

You have to follow the instructions detailed in the report exactly, but he assures customers that if the remedy doesn't work you will get a full refund.

So I checked out the independent forums and alternative remedy websites for this product - as mentioned, there is a lot of discussion and people in pain looking for answers.

And the indications are not good.

'My friend ordered that report,' said one forum user. 'Has anyone had any luck with this? My friend didn't.'

And lots of people are asking what the secret ingredients are - some even claim to know - but no independent users have reported success with his method.

'Anyone have any experience with this?' is a common refrain.

And one person reported, 'Well, I tried it qbout 6 months ago and I'm sad to say it did not do anything for me other than bloat me big time. Just didn't work at all.'

Many people recommended various alternative herbs and home remedies, including bearberry, cleavers, gravel root, olive oil & lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, cranberry juice, alfalfa seeds and even beer!

And everyone said drink lots and lots of water!

Plus a high fiber, wholefood diet with plenty of leafy vegetables. Proper hydration helps prevent the urine from becoming concentrated with crystals and the advice is to avoid sugar, salt and carbonated beverages.

As one forum user noted, 'I think the point is that there are more birds to kill this stone than just the specific veggie of the Joe Barton method.'

And one commentator advised that kidney stone treatment should be undertaken only after a physician has made a definitive diagnosis. 

'The main treatment for kidney stones is pain relievers and an IV for rehydration,' said another.

That is not to say that Joe Barton's remedy won't work for anyone, just that it is not definitive or exclusive. 

But I failed to find one independent report saying that it had worked.

Painful, but true.
Date Reviewed: March 21, 2012, 9:32 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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Mazy11 I had kidney surgery recently so I can relate to the hardships of everything a person has to go through dealing with the pain and nausea from the medications. I had 3/4 of my right kidney removed. I know that it is not the same as kidney stones but I think it is pretty darn close. :) This report definitely shares alot of experience and thought about this subject. I would recommend reading this. mazy11 Rating
Tue, May 01, 2012 3:41PM • By: mazy11rssreport user
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