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large memory capacity (can hold 1400 books at one time) lightweight (less that 6oz) thin design e-ink (no backlight to strain the eyes) long battery life (approximately three weeks on a single charge) built in wi-fi low price (as low as $79 US) adjustable text size supports multiple files (.mobi, .pdf, .azw, .epub and more!) low book prices (average of $9.99 per ebook, some public domain books are free) international languages free cloud backup no computer software require durable


easy to scuff up screen has a glare when the light hits at certain angles no screen contrast adjustment built-in internet application is still in the "experimental" stages no keyboard (on screen only, navigated using up/down/side buttons) greyscale screen


The Kindle 4 is a wonderful addition to anyone's library, providing a variety of reading choices at an affordable price. Despite the cons, there is definite merit in this product for anyone looking for an easier way to carry their favorite novels!

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Kindle e-reader 4 from Amazon
Kindle 4
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Does the Kindle 4 Measure Up?

As many book-lovers are no doubt aware, there are many different styles of e-readers available for purchase. The Kindle 4 is a light-weight, versatile option for anyone looking for a new way to bring their library with them wherever they go. This piece of technology is not only thin and lightweight, but also long-lasting, durable and easy to navigate! Newcomers to e-reading should have no problems navigating the Kindle 4, as everything is very straightforward and easy.

At first glance, one can easily see that the Kindle 4 is a sleek, visually-appealing option for those looking for their first (or even a new) e-reader. It comes in a charcoal grey color, which is nice and easy to keep clean. It comes equipped with a 6" diagonal screen with advanced e-ink technology, which makes reading the Kindle feel like reading off of paper. At just 5.98 ounces, the Kindle is light-weight and thin enough to fit in handbags, purses, or even large pantsí pockets without any hassle at all. The wireless internet feature allows users to browse Amazon's large e-book collection and download straight to the Kindle, without going through a computer first. The 2GB memory allows buyers to hold up to 1,400 books at one time, which can be sorted by author, title or even put into collections for easy access. The battery of the Kindle 4 lasts approximately three weeks (given 30 minutes of reading per day) and will fully charge in less than three hours using the USB cord that comes with the machine itself. The reader comes equipped with the Kindle User Guide as well as a dictionary, free of charge.

Once the user has uploaded books onto the Kindle, there are many options for organizing and categorizing the new additions. One could simply sort the books by author name or title (alphabetically) or create self-titled "collections". Collections help readers sort books into a series or genre for easy retrieval later on. The Kindle 4 is also able to read and store personal PDF documents in the same way it would store and read a book.

The Kindle 4 has a built in wi-fi option that allows readers to both surf the internet and download books directly to their Kindles, without the hassle of computers and wires. Users also have options to change the font style and size to their liking, which is good for those who are visually impaired or require larger print. The Kindle also comes equipped with a handy bookmark feature, which allows you to navigate through your collection without ever losing track of your page. Along with the bookmark feature comes the ability to highlight and make notes on certain passages, which is perfect for students or literary enthusiasts. There are also options to create a password (which would be required whenever the machine is turned off or the screen saver is turned off) and to share notes and highlights with social networking accounts, such as Facebook or Twitter. With this option, you are able to share your reading experiences with friends and family. The Amazon Kindle website also offers sharing features, which allow you to share your own notes and highlights and browse the most popular notes and highlights for the book you're currently reading.

Amazon will also provide you with an Amazon e-mail address, which can be used to send documents directly to your Kindle, which, once again, eliminates the need for any kind of cords or computers. Many other outfitters have also begun making Kindle accessories, such as decals, skins, sleeves and cases. If the Kindle is outfitted with a good-quality case, it is very unlikely that any bumps, drops or knocks will damage the reader.
Date Reviewed: June 25, 2012, 12:28 pm
Reviewed by Coop
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