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It does just about everything. You can build an awesome app collection with your favorite books, movies, games or songs, and more often than not you've got web-access.


The touch feature (while awesome) doesn't always register, and it's hit-or-miss if you're going for the small link.


If you're anything close to a geek, it's awesome.

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Annmarie : I'm just a 20 yr. old girl who found ukritic and thought.. hey, why not? :) Whi...Member Reputation 2 • 5 active Krits
Kindle Fire Review from Amazon
Kindle Fire Review
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So, what do actual users think of the Kindle Fire?

While I'm really not a technical person (just your average, ordinary, occasionally brain-lapsed female), I’ll admit, the device is pretty sleek. It’s small, making it very portable and extremely compact. Is there anything it can’t do? Seriously, how to review a product that does just about everything? When you get WiFi connection (available in many select spots if you’re outside your home), you’ve got the internet.. your mail, homepage, favorite websites, everything (because really, if you’ve got internet, you’ve got it all.. correct?). Endless info about anything and everything, suddenly available at your fingertips (and that’s literally, when using the Kindle Fire). Hey, wasn’t this like the premise for all those Indiana Jones-ish type films, searching for that all-knowing whatnot…? And here in our day, we’ve all got it. Wow.

So anyway, frustration can occasionally set in with the WiFi thing wheeeen…you’re sitting in a van, parked outside some building, waiting for some person to finish a certain something, and you get the itch to access this all-powerful, all-knowing web and can’t seem to find a WiFi source. Soo, you glance up and down the street, wondering if somewhere close by you could jump on to a connection. You step out of the car, Kindle in hand, trying to appear as discreet as possible as you mosey down the sidewalk. Still, nothing. Now you become just a little more frustrated. C’mon, c’mon, c’mon…this isn’t fair…and then—yes! You found it. You give a fist pump with a little yell, maybe jump up and down just once. Then your head snaps up, eyes wide as you glance around, remembering where you are and hoping no one bothered tuning in to the bit of attention you accidentally called to yourself. Alright, coast clear…except for that one person looking your way with a strange expression…but hey, maybe she had just seen some other weird dude do something ridiculous. Anyway, what does that matter—I’m online. Got my power back. So, then all’s right with the world…that is, until you lose connection midway through the email you spent twenty minutes getting the first line written because of the tiny, awkward keyboard. (BTW, can you tell I’m writing from experience here? Aside from the fist-pump thing.. that was thrown it purely for its entertainment value.)

Okay, so maybe it sounds like I have a love-hate relationship with this techno thing. And I guess that would be a pretty accurate way of putting it. I love feeling like I can go almost anywhere and have the Kindle to access all my online goodies whenever I feel like it, and even if I can’t get connection—hey, there’s always Angry Birds to kill time (and pigs). But yes, the keyboard does annoy. When trying to rapidly text, I found I had developed my own language of sorts, as I have a thing against deleting and re-typing, and it definitely takes some getting-used-to and a fair amount of skill to hit those little letters accurately (and with your thumbs! I definitely have a new level of respect for the dudes that can accomplish this).

Aside from the keyboard, sometimes I feel like I’m looking at the web through a little peephole due to the small screen, which annoys me occasionally because you feel like you’re always missing something. It takes some adapting to, if you’re a just-use-the-computer sort of person, like me. If you’re one of those awesome people mentioned above who can text 3000 wpm (that’s words-per-minute) with your thumbs on your iPhone, chances are you’d love the Kindle Fire.

As far as the managing the home (the apps and basic set-up of the device), it’s pretty straight-forward and simple, which I like, as I’m not much of a nerd. And who wouldn’t think the whole touch-screen thing isn’t just the sweetest deal?? Having always been told to ‘keep your hands off this or that screen,’ I get such a kick out of using the Kindle and being expected to do something that still feels naughty to me. So, it certainly satisfies the inner rebel in that regard. It also holds a charge for a good while. It’s good for reading; getting a hang of the page turning thing is pretty easy (although in my opinion, nothing beats flipping the paper with your hand and knowing for absolute sure you’ll get to the next page). But, it does give you access to all of Amazon’s sweet features and deals (like free apps daily), so if you’re an Amazon fan (and who isn’t??), you’ll probably have fun with that.

So, overall, I would say…if you’re a tech person who loves gadgets and cool devices that do cool things, you’ll make best friends with the Kindle Fire. If you’re an instant eBook fan, you might also love the Kindle for that. But if you’re one of the ‘old-timers of the tech world,’ someone who prefers spending their time on the computer they’ve grown accustomed to in the comfy seat they love and will be annoyed by the small, sometimes crammed touch-screen that doesn’t always register with your touch (or you sometimes 'miss’ what you’re aiming for), then you might not appreciate the Kindle as the latest-greatest.

Do I like it? I think it’s cool. Pretty sweet, actually. And I love it for its simplicity…sometimes less is more! But I’ll admit, if not for my tech-loving bros (although my one bro did liken it to trying to type with boxing gloves), I’d have been content to stick with the good ol’ keyboard and mouse…or invest in a cool little laptop :). My advice to you, go for it—compared to the iPad, it’s a fraction of the cost and nearly just as awesome, so give it a try! You can always resell or give it as a gift to some geek who will appreciate it for its pure awesomeness.

If you're interested in the nitty-gritty details, specs and all that, please check out the Kindle Fire at Amazon, where it can be purchased for a cool $199.

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Date Reviewed: May 3, 2012, 9:52 am
Reviewed by annmarie
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