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This is a fantastic color e-reader that offers all the features you could want at a reasonable price compared to similar products.


A bigger screen would be nice and it takes a long time to charge.


This is the perfect gift for a reading enthusiast on your list. It has everything you want and it's portable and in color. I want one for myself so I'm adding it to my birthday wish list.

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Kindle Fire Wi-Fi Full Color from Amazon
Kindle Fire Wi Fi
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Kindle Fire how does it stack up to other E-Readers

I am an avid reader and own a library of over two thousand books so when the eBooks become popular, I was one of the first to jump on the bandwagon.† I mean, how great it is to be able to get digital books that I donít have to find more shelf space for?† This means I can get all the books that I own in hard print in electronic form and then sell all of my hard print books to mitigate the costs.† I am keeping my rare first editions as well as my signed books but this can help me downsize my collection considerably.† I started off with the original Kindle as well as a Kindle app on my Android phone and have not read a real paper book since.

Iím at the point now where I want to upgrade my Kindle because I simply have to have the latest technologies but I am stumped because there are so many more eBook readers today than there were when Kindle was first introduced.† Even Kindle has come out with a great many different readers in just the past few years that it has taken some time for me to decide which one I want to get.† I like the Kindle platform so I really just need to know what each version brings.† Right now, Iím contemplating the Kindle Fire and I really think this is the one I will end up with.

What It Offers

  • A Library of Over a Thousand Books
  • Movies, Music and Television
  • 7Ē Display for Easy Reading
  • Wi-Fi and Internet Access
  • 6GB of Available Space
  • Cloud and Cloud Storage

There are so many extras that are great in this version of Kindle the reader including the price which at $200 is more affordable than one of the new tablets or other readers on the market.† While the lack of space on the unit is an issue as long as you keep your Amazon subscription, you can use the Cloud storage which allows for unlimited data.† Even 6 gigs arenít bad when you consider that eBooks are only a few megs each at most.† This means I can store a lot more books on the Fire than on my basic Kindle.

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Why I Like This Model

One of the main reasons I like this model is the fact that I can use it on the internet with the Wi-Fi that is built in.† Instead of having to purchase an expensive notepad where Iíd need to install a reader, I can simply use the Fire to access the internet anywhere I go.† I also like that the screen is bigger than my cell phoneís which means I donít have to flip through as many pages at a time.† I am a very fast reader and that is one of the disappointing things about the smaller readers and cell phones.† Also, my eyesight is going down just a little and itís nice to be able make the typeface as large as I want.

I also like that it has a dual core processor because this makes it faster in general, much faster than my cell phone or Kindle.† I know how quick the dual processors are and am ready to get my hands on the Fire to see just how really fast it is.† Finally, I like that I can either charge it from the USB cable to my computer or using the charger that comes with it.†

What I Wish It Offered

OK, so I said the screen size is a good one but it could be better like the Kindle DX which has a much larger screen.† It is also more expensive and the screen is bigger than what Iím using now.† This is not really going to stop me from buying it but it is a minor irritation.† Iím also not happy that it takes four hours to charge.† Iím out and about a lot and I ride the bus so I tend to read most of my books while there is no power available.† I donít always have four hours for a recharge but again, this is not a huge deal.† Other than those two issues, there is really nothing else that I donít like about the Kindle Fire and I am planning on purchasing one in the near future.

Most People Agree With Me

JJCeo says, ďThe device downloaded my 100 books in minutes. Most books downloaded to the device in 3 to 4 seconds. A couple of large books took 5 seconds and I am talking about books with 800 pages!Ē
Waetherman stated, ďAs a long-time Kindle fan I was eager to get my hands on a Fire. For the most part I've found that it does what I wanted it to, which is be the one device I can take with me anywhere.Ē


At the end of the day, I really like all the specifications on this reader.† The Fire has been compared to the iPad on occasion but I really would not want all of the extra stuff the iPad comes with along with the much higher price tag.† I only want to read books and surf the web on a screen that is bigger than my cell phone and older model Kindle.† It is fast enough for me and the price is right.† As I stated earlier, I am definitely picking one of these up in the near future and I cannot wait!†

Date Reviewed: May 5, 2012, 9:17 am
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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