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The Laser Star has a solid reputation as a star projector. The Laser Star has a long track record having been on the market for some time.


The Laser Star is a bit pricey. The Laser Star has a loud motor for some, as well as a specific pattern of stars rather than randomization. Also, the product is not scientific or intended to be a learning tool.


Despite the fact that the Laser Star has some complaints here and there, I find it to be an awesome star projector indeed. While there are some glitches to be sure, the product is a solid choice overall in the genre.

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Laser Star from HPI
Laser Star By HPI Review
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Laser Star (by HPI) Star Projector - FULL REVIEW

When it comes to building atmosphere, projection gadgets are often the best options. There is something about projecting things on the walls and ceilings that brings out the kid in all of us. HPI came out with a product several years ago that is still going strong on the market called the Laser Star. Billed as a "star projector" that can be projected on any surface, the Laser Star has been popular since it was first released. Unlike some gadgets that go by the wayside quickly, the Laser Star seems to be hanging on quite nicely.

What the Laser Star is not

Because it is labeled and billed as a star projector, many astronomers and amateur enthusiasts think that the Laser Star is a scale star projector. There is absolutely nothing remotely scientific about this product where the stars are concerned. The product in no way shows any types of real patterns that you might find in the sky on a given night, nor does it purport to do so. If you are looking for such things, I would suggest a telescope instead. The product is not billed as a learning tool in any way shape or form. It is an entertainment only type of product that is simply designed to put pretty designs and a star like atmosphere on the walls and ceilings.

One of the only complaints I was able to dig up on this product had to do with people buying this product thinking otherwise. Sometimes people make purchases without actually reading the material that is available for the product. The Laser Star makes it perfectly clear that they are not a scale product. Not many stars are green and not many clouds are blue after all.

What is great about the Laser Star?

The whole idea of projecting things on the walls and ceilings is something that has always appealed to me. Growing up as a child in the 1970's, I was a huge fan of lava lamps and mood lights. These things would paint incredible pictures on the walls and ceilings that helped me to fall asleep. The Laser Star has a very similar feeling to it. The wonderful atmosphere created is enough to put anyone to sleep in no time flat and it is certainly something that I would suggest for insomniacs. 

Another great thing about this product is that it works wonders on kids that don't want to fall asleep. The dancing stars and clouds are the perfect thing to slowly ease them off to sleep at night. Even younger children will find the lights soothing and the patterns fascinating. The lights are not terribly bright and they have a very soft feel to them as they dance across your field of vision.

If you and your significant other likes a bit of mood lighting to spice up your evening with some romance, the Laser Star doubles in that way as well. The soft lighting is perfect for that romantic encounter under the stars. Lying underneath a universe of dancing stars is enough to put anyone in the mood and quick. The Laser Star does that in spades.

What negatives should I look out for?

It is mentioned above that the Laser Star is not a true-scale astronomy tool, but that is not a negative when you consider that the product makes no such claims. Still, the name and the idea behind the product could mislead an uninformed buyer. Because the product has been on the market for several years, there are a number of other negatives mentioned in various forums. Any product that has been around this long will have some.

Some have said that the fan on the projector is a bit loud when you run the Laser Star. This can be annoying if you are trying to sleep with the product they say.

Another complaint is that the product can only stay on for about four hours and there is no built in shut off timer. This is a legitimate complaint that could have been easily added to make the product better. Fortunately with today's great product options, we can simply hook the Laser Star up to a timer ourselves and control when it shuts off or turns on.

Some feel that the Laser Star is a bit expensive, but it compares very favorably to other products on the market. Certainly you can find cheaper options, but they will perform accordingly. Despite being around for several years, the Laser Star has little to no complaints about lasting when you consider the massive number of units sold.

About the only other consistent complaint that I found was that the stars are not in a random pattern. They come out in specific patterns every single time and it is relatively easy to see those patterns if you try.

Final Analysis

The Laser Star is a fantastic little product that performs very well for it's intended purpose. Considering that it has been around for years, the number of problems found online in comparison to the number of great reviews is outstanding. There are some negatives to consider which brings down the review rating a little, but overall the Laser Star is a great product indeed.

If you are looking for something to set the mood, or simply something to mesmerize the kids on a nightly basis, then the Laser Star is just the ticket. 

Date Reviewed: April 3, 2012, 8:45 am
Reviewed by Rodney Southern
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