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Lemonade Weight Loss Diet Review
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Lemonade 14-Day Weight Loss Diet - REVIEW - Here's our findings...

Pills. Pills. Pills.
Are there really any that can help us lose weight?
And just as importantly, are there any that are safe and natural?
Well, the Lemonade Diet Pill gets a big tick on the ingredients questions.
The product is based on the 'Lemon Cleanse' or 'Master Cleanse' which (apparently) celebrities have been using for decades to achieve quick weight loss. 
There are even books detailing how to do the Master Cleanse safely.
A mix of water, cayenne pepper, lemon juice and maple syrup; the lemonade diet master cleanse was created over 50 years ago by dietician Stanley Burroughs. Users have, 'shed billions of pounds worldwide' and, 'it works on just about everyone.'
Which is no great surprise considering you drink only this mixture for 14 days!
According to the blurb, the Lemonade Weight Loss Diet Supplement, 'allows you to enjoy all the benefits of the celebrity cleanse diet.'
So weight loss is faster, and the body is cleansed of all harmful toxins.
The pill has all the same natural ingredients as The Master Cleanse… Lemons, maple syrup and cayenne pepper.
And you need to follow the low calorie meal plan and exercise program.
Phew... for a moment there I thought this diet was pills only!
Considering that the lemonade cleanse is, according to some, not exactly the most pleasant drink, this pill is seen by some as a breakthrough.
'Revolutionary,' even.
Modern science has enabled the manufacturers to take the same lemonade diet ingredients and put them into a more tolerable supplement form. 
So how do these ingredients work?
Well... lemons are a natural detoxifier, used for hundreds of years and help the liver and kidneys detoxify. Cayenne pepper can help digestion, and clear out the bowels. Maple syrup is full of minerals and B vitamins, plus it give energy and nutrition.
But detoxification has downsides. The makers warn that users can expect, 'enhanced elimination.' This means stomach upsets, increased gas, and potentially headaches and nausea. 
'If you experience any or all of these symptoms don’t be alarmed,' they say. 'It is just the normal process ... and it is only temporary—generally you’ll feel better after a few days.'
Fair warning.
But will you have lost any weight? And how much?
That depends on which part of the website you read.
The front page notes (in small print) that after taking the pills and when following the diet and exercise plan you can expect to lose a minimum of 1-3 pounds per week.
Not exactly 'The Biggest Loser.'
And in the Question and Answer section they say, 'You can expect to lose 5, 10, up to 17 pounds in 14 days guaranteed.'
And the product should not be used if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, are pregnant, or have any other serious health concerns.
In fact consult your doctor before taking any diet pill. Many weight control products have not been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
So what do the consumers say?
There are some satisfied customers.
'Fourteen days is the duration of a typical lemonade pill course to get desirable results – just the same as the lemonade diet. The big difference is that there is no need to punish you with not eating solid food,' is one comment.
The pill does 'burn fat' according to some reviews:
'The best part about the Lemonade Diet pill is it’s fat burning properties and not having to starve yourself.'
But even this reviewer doesn't quote concrete results. 'Give it a try,' he says, 'and let us know how it works for you.'

Others, clearly veterans of the dieting roundabout warn that 'there are no easy magic pills out there.'
And others are adamant that the pill is ineffective.
'It does nothing and neither of course does Master Cleanse!'
Clearly, the diet pill universe is a problematic one and success will depend on which product you choose and other lifestyle factors.
Natural is good, as is medically-backed.
And look for solid evidence that the product is effective; plus a refund guarantees.
Date Reviewed: November 10, 2011, 12:34 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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