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It can help you automate your trading when you are away.


Has a lot of poor reviews and complaints about customer service.


There are so many other better products on the market, I would skip this one based on the complaints that I have read in forums dedicated to stocks and trading. It's pricey and not worth the risk.

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Leo Trader Pro from Leo Trader
Leo Trader Pro Review
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Leo Trader Pro ( REVIEW - Here's what real traders are saying...

Anybody who is a stock trader knows how important it is to get the jump on others when new stocks are being released or when a stock is about to skyrocket. Having a computer program that knows exactly what you want, when you want it can be a boost to your portfolio. Imagine trading while you are exercising, while at work without taking any time off or even when you are asleep and the foreign markets are hopping. The Leo Trader Pro is an automatic Forex Robot that can do your trading that is totally hands free!

Sounds too good to be true? It did to me so I decided to explore fully…

There are some really good things going on with this software but it also has some downsides to it. While it is wonderful to have access to all the markets at any time, the cost of over $150 might be too steep for those who are not running hundreds through their accounts every day. Also, it has been reported that this robot is only good for smaller amounts and that it hasn’t brought in big money for the customers, while others dispute this fact. This is going to be a pretty important thing to clarify because it could determine whether or not a person purchases the product.

We’ll take a look at the product features before talking about the pros and cons of the Leo Trader Pro:

Product Features

One of the first things you’re going to ask yourself is what it comes with so let’s take a look at the highlights first:

  • Hands Free
  • Fully Automatic
  • Real Money Profits
  • Twenty Percent Profit Increase Over Twenty Months
  • Fully Downloadable Software

Why You Need It

If you are a serious trader and you want to have a robot that works to make you money when you are not available, then this might be the robot for you.  For those who are serious about trading, the cost of $150 is a drop in the bucket compared to the revenues that can be brought in.  After all, with the claims of 20% over 20 months it seems as though the cost of the robot would pay for itself in just a month or two of hardcore trading.

The software is fully downloadable once you purchase the license to use so there is no waiting for the mail to arrive and deliver your software. You buy it online and start using it right away.  It is a large file so it may take some time to download which is a common complaint from users but overall the software is reliable once you get it loaded. 

So it sounds alright but are there some areas that are lacking? Are there other stock trader programs that are superior? 

What Can Be Improved?

There are many things that can be improved upon with this robot, starting with customer service.  The customer service department seems to have forgotten the “service” part of the phrase.  There are many user complaints online about the company. They are known to be rude, condescending and quite nasty at times for reasons that are unknown.  That is, when they take the time to tender a response to a legitimate question.  For people who are paying this type of money for a program, customer service should be bending over backwards to find solutions to problems, not hiding or calling out the customer who has the issue.  Fix the problem and be nice about it.

One of the biggest issues with the Leo Trader Pro is that many have a hard time getting to the big money.  It can get stuck trading smaller stocks that only broker a couple of dollars a trade.  This is unacceptable as there should be much higher profits overall than a few dollars a day.  It would take months of profits before even attempting to pay for the software at that rate.  This may be because of the settings that the users are inputting but the customer service issues render it impossible to tell because of their lack of communication.

What Others are Saying:

“As you can see, we also extensively tested it without conclusive results… The EA has innumerable parameters for the fine tune up and Don’s position is “I am giving you a powerful tool – it’s up to you to make it work”.  And apparently there are enough traders out there who could do it, not us :-(“- Forex Peace Army

“The stoplosses are huge!! The risk to reward ratio is HUGE.” – FXCO, Forex Peace Army

“I just purchased 2 versions of leotraderpro robot, but can never get to work, because no matter how correctly you follow each step of installation, it just keeps crashing .I guess it might have some coding flaw.Anyone here has the same trouble like I have?”- MasterKang, Forex Peace Army


Overall the claims made by Leo Trading Pro seem astronomical.  While the occasional customer has found that they can make the 20% as claimed, the average customer is not doing as well.  It would be better if the customer service department was there to help those who are new to the Folex Robots and less concerned about being rude.  It may be that the customers are trading in a market that is not known to bring in the big dollars and if they simply moved to another market they could increase their profits.  It is up to customer service to help them find the best way to make money, not make them want to return the software.

Date Reviewed: April 9, 2012, 6:10 pm
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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