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Herbal, natural, safe. Ingredients have known effects.


Does not work for everyone. Not applicable to all case of libido loss


Could be helpful if you have the symptoms treatable by the ingredients

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Libido For Her Review
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"Libido For Her" (Supplement) Review - Will it Kickstart Your Love Life (or Just Your Credit Card)?

Ladies - has sex become a chore?
Gents - have you noticed your partner's libido sliding away?
What if ladies could renew their sexual energy with a safe, effective, herbal spray?
These are the claims for Libido for Her.
Now the question that arises (apart from 'where can I get some?'...) - why does female sex drive fluctuate or even disappear?
There are as many reasons as there are frustrated husbands out there!
It could be the menopause, it could be the after-effects of childbirth. Weight gain, lack of exercise, the side effects of medication, stress, hormonal imbalance.

So consult your doctor if you think any of these issues may be affecting your libido.
But if your relationship is otherwise healthy, then studies show that natural supplements may help increase the female libido.
You are not alone.
About 35-45% of women in the U.S. have a problem with lagging sexual desire at some point in their lives.

And who wants to take hormones if plant based, natural relief is effective?
So what are the ingredients in Libido for Her?
Firstly, the (in?)aptly named Chaste Berry, used for centuries in both herbal and homeopathic medicine to help with sexual issues in both men and women. Plus Onosmodium (False Gromwell or Wild Jacob's Tears) which assists with cramps or burning, and St Ignatius' Bean which is helpful for anxiety and mood swings - all of which can affect a woman's libido.

The herbs combined have the effect of increasing blood flow to the private parts, resulting in a enhanced sensitivity, leading to increased sexual pleasure. 

Libido for Her is not a hormone therapy, and has no negative side effects. 
It works by easing some of the symptoms associated with the loss of sexual desire to help your body respond again,
Easily administered with an oral spray, the product is designed to be absorbed into the blood vessels under the tongue, which speeds delivery of the active ingredients to your system.

But does it work?
Some customers swear that herbs are the answer.
'The best way to improve your sex drive is through natural herbs in my opinion.'
'I'd start with natural therapies...medicine really does not have anything safe to offer women. ... a combination of herbs is a more well-rounded therapy.'

But they do not mention this product specifically.
And herbs don't work for everyone.
'She tried an herbal brand but we have had no luck with it,' said a still-frustrated husband. 

And Libido for Her themselves recommend a healthy lifestyle, good eating habits, getting enough rest and regular exercise in order to feel 'renewed vigour.'
The manufacturers offer a 90 Day money back guarantee return policy.

However this may not be enough... as one reviewer notes:
'You should keep in mind that the product needs some time before it starts working and show results.' 
And the manufacturer does state that, 'Libido For Her requires some time. This result is typical for all female enhancement products. You should not discontinue the usage of Libido For Her.'

Another reviewer says:
'At the end of the 6th month your sexual desire will be significantly increased, you will be very passionate in bed and you will enjoy sex much more!'
Cool... (or hot, depending on which way you look at it).
So it seems that the ingredients of this product do effectively deal with common conditions associated with loss of libido (fatigue, cramps, hot flashes). So if these are contributing to your problem then Libido for Her may be the answer.
But it is possible that this product will not produce any significant effects on you.
So check out the money-back guarantee carefully so you are confident that if it doesn't work for you, you are covered.
And the very best of luck! 
Date Reviewed: November 5, 2011, 5:52 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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