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Lifetime Extra Large Deck Box Review From: Lifetime

This is a great, large storage box you can use on your deck, patio or in the back yard.

At over $100, it's pretty pricey.

It's worth the price tag because this is literally meant to last a lifetime.

Lifetime Extra Large Deckbox Holds Everything!

I have a pretty large family in today’s standards and the kids are very active in sports and other outdoor activities.  It seems like there are soccer and basketballs along with baseballs and bats all over the house and outside in the yard.  A toy box would not have the capacity to hold everything but this large deck box could be the answer to my problem.  This box is huge and can be kept in the backyard freeing up the clutter inside the house and giving the kids a secure place to keep their sporting equipment.

I first saw this box at my mother-in-law's house and when I saw how large and how durable it was, I began to consider getting one myself.

What Made Me Look Closer

One of the things about this extra large deck box beyond its storage capacity is the fact that it is made from a durable plastic.  This matters to be because we get a great deal of rain and wet nasty weather and I need something that holds up to these elements.  A metal or wood deck box could not handle this because the metal would eventually rust out and the wood, no matter how well treated initially, would still need to be treated.  I want a box that does what I need it to do without any extra maintenance because I simply do not have the time for extra projects and my husband does not either. You can probably even put your tools in this deckbox because it has a lock and it is weather resistant.

It Even Locks

Another feature of the deck box that caught my eye is the fact this box also has a lock on it which means that anything we store in it is safe.  While we do not live in a bad neighborhood, it is nice to know that my children’s equipment is safe and will not be stolen.  For those who are looking for a good outdoor storage container for items other than their kids’ sports equipment, I would definitely recommend this one.

Is There Anything Wrong With It?

There are some issues with this deck box that are worth noting with one being some of the lids arrive from the warehouse with a warped lid.  Customer service is lacking and there is no way to contact them to speak to anyone immediately.  Another issue is that the color scheme is not what it listed when you expect to get brown and tan you do not want to get shades of gray.  Since this is a heavy item and difficult to return, the issues have to be left by the wayside and you have to make the most of your experience.

Why Would You Want One?

When all is said and done, whether I buy one or not is not the issue but rather why would you buy one?  Well, if you have storage needs and you have seen this deck box then you are looking for more information on it.  One thing you need to know is that this box does not come assembled, you do have to put it together yourself but the directions are easy and assembly is quick.  The box is not only safe but it is also water tight so there is no worry about leakage.  While some have received warped lids, when it is shipped out in perfect condition, the box does not warp no matter what the conditions are where you live.

Other Product Features

  • Extra Roomy for Large Items
  • Holds 130 Gallons
  • Spring Hinge
  • Stylish Design


This is a great large capacity storage container that is perfect for outdoor use.  Barbeque tools can be kept in it along with gardening tools or anything that you use outside at any time.  It is a nice looking box and it is safe because it has a locking feature.  I would definitely recommend this storage container to anyone who outdoor storage needs.

What People are Thinking

Andy033 says, “it actually has been staying together. I have had it for over a year now. The deck box has been able to keep up with all types of weather. It has also kept up on the inside.”
Sam-I-Am added, “Had this for over a year now I guess. Moved to a new house, and the box survived the move intact and survived the winter outside without a single leak. Still seems very sturdy, no obvious rusting on any components. The front of the box has bowed outwards ever so slightly since I need to push it in a bit with my leg to close the lid. Probably b/c we have a lot of stuff inside and it pushes the front panel outwards somewhat. Not a big deal since the lid closes fine still.”
Date Reviewed: May 28, 2012, 6:51 pm
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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