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Limbo PC Game Review From: Playdead

Great gameplay, challenging puzzles, a real treat for gamers. A must play

Too short.

An amazing, creepy, puzzle/adventure game. Definitely worth at least one playthrough.

A creepy, gripping game.

This really is one of those games where you really have to use your imagination as to what is going on, how you ended up where you are and what your ultimate goal is. In Playdead's first production, Limbo, you play as a mysterious young boy who has somehow ended up in a nefarious, confusing, two-dimensional land of puzzles, giant spiders and deathtraps. By the end of the game you witness the boy, erm, reunite perhaps, with a young girl. I like to believe it is the boy's sister, but hey, like I said, the game lets you use your imagination. 

In this Single player game, the puzzles are really quite challenging, even for having played multiple times, I find myself still getting stuck on some of the parts that require you to control gravity to move boxes in order to reach a ladder. Or Sometimes, I'll jump a gap too soon and next thing I know I have fallen prey to one of Limbo's many repugnant traps. At one point I was being chased by a bunch of bullies who were trying to shoot me with blowguns (those jerks) and after seeing one of them clumsily falling into one of their traps, I get overconfident and find myself getting crushed by one of the machines I had just avoided. If that is not enough, nearing the end of the game boasts one of the most challenging tasks. Wielding control of gravity itself to get to where you need to go. It really is important that, in this game, you pay attention to your surroundings and what may be of use to you to move ahead.

The game is not terribly difficult, however I did find myself at one point, urging to find a walk through for the game, but I feel that is against the spirit of the game. This game also features many achievements, such as finishing the game in one sitting, or only dying at most 3 times, as well as the game just being pure awesome. It begs multiple play-throughs. 

The game has very good physics, and the black and white color scheme leaves an eerie feel to the whole game. The game's sound is also a plus. You'll find that listening to audible ques will help a lot if you get stuck on something. The lack of any music really adds a dramatic yet dynamic feel to the setting. You'll climb up ropes, push boxes, find a way to kill a giant spider, and even fight gravity in this unearthly game. The only bone I have to pick with this game is that on my initial go, it only took me about 3 hours to finish the game. But, I have to say that it is well worth it. There are very few time wasters with this game, the whole game is essentially spent figuring out how you are going to find out other ways to die.

So all-in-all, I would have to recommend this game to pretty much anyone who likes a good adventure/puzzle game with a twist. If you finish the game and are still not satisfied, there are some hidden eggs through the game world and it can be quite a challenge to locate them, let alone get to them. Another reason to want to play this game again and again.
This game is available on Steam. Look out for it on other websites and grab it, especially if it is on sale. This masterpiece is definitely worth your time and money.  Great game-play, challenging puzzles,overall just a real treat for gamers. A must play.
Date Reviewed: May 14, 2012, 2:42 pm
Reviewed by yarbrough210
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