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Joyetech 510 & EGO from litecigusa.com
LiteCigUSA Joyetech The E Cig People Love
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LiteCigUSA - Joyetech Review, the E-CIgarette People Love

I'm excited to write about Joyetech and their products, like the Joye510 and EGO, (distributed in America by LiteCigUSA.) Why am I excited? Because people who use these products are genuine fans of this brand. In case you haven't noticed it's a zoo out there in e-cigarette land. There are SO MANY brands competing for your business and SO MANY people reviewing those brands it will make your head spin. Maybe it already has. 

It gets confusing!

Ferreting out genuine user response instead of listening to one more sales pitch can take time and ingenuity. You have to catch people in the act of ordinary conversation and you have to recognize when it's agenda-less. That means distinguishing when people are speaking strictly from their own experience and recommending from that genuine place vs. when they're competing for your attention to (subtly or not so subtly) promote a product. There's nothing wrong with competing to promote a product… it's the American dream at work. In fact that's what I do! (So I better have respect for it!!) However it's exciting when you find a product that keeps coming up positively, in genuine conversations on the forums. It adds to my enthusiasm and joye (couldn't resist) in communicating about it to you. That's what I've found to be true with joyetech. 

How does LiteCigUsa fit in?

LiteCigUSA are a Joyetech authorized distributor in the US and they offer all Joyetech's products cheaper than on Joyetech's own website. For example, the EGO-T starter kit is on sale right now for $64.95 as opposed to $89.99 on Joyetech's site. Joyetech is based in China (where most e-cigarette companies get their parts from.)

LiteCigUSA has a really useful blog. This is a company that does not mess around. By the tone of their blog you can tell they take their product seriously. Most of the posts have to do with consumer how-to's and they are not afraid to steer you towards insider practices like dripping and offer detailed instructions.

Less about marketing more about product quality:

Joyetech has focused their attention on product quality. That's where they're putting their time and resources and they're letting word of mouth happen organically. As a result, you won't see them in the media the way you would Green Smoke but the internet is abuzz with satisfied customers touting the merits of the product. 

There's no right or wrong but sometimes (frequently even) marketing ends up creating consumer awareness for products of lesser quality and those products break through in a bigger way. I'm not suggesting this is true of the e-cig I mentioned above, I'm just saying it's a fact that we as human beings have limited attention span and sometimes the greasy wheel gets attention by default, not on the merits of the product. 

So which are the best Joyetech products?

The two products you hear the most about in forums are the Joye 510 and the EGO. Both get highly recommended, repeatedly. Each also comes in a tank version which came out as recently as December 2011. Many people like the tank because you can fill it with much more e-juice and you can easily  monitor your e-juice level, so it provides for an easier, all day vaping experience. The atomizer lasts longer as well, so there is less disposability and less to replace than e-cigs using a cartomizer, which makes this a more economical choice in the long run. The down side to tanks is that it's bulkier, if you're more comfortable with an e-cig that looks more like a regular cig. It's also not as easy to test out different flavors of e-juice because the tank holds so much more juice. 

The good news is you can mix and match your parts so if you want to upgrade to a tank, no problemo, same if you'd like to switch it out for cartomizers. Joyetech also offers blanks, which is a nice touch I always appreciate. It means you can test out e-juice from other brands to find what works for you. I recommend checking out  VirginVapors for their organic flavors and wide variety, all made in the US!

To check out Joyetech products at a great price, click on GO!

Date Reviewed: January 28, 2012, 10:41 pm
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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