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LiverActive (Liver Detox & Cleanse) Natural Supplement - Here's Our Review...

Do you know which is the biggest organ in your body?
No, not your brain, or any other 'organ' that might come to mind... lets keep this clean, now.
But we are talking of cleaning - cleaning your liver that is. 
An unsung hero, the liver, its our 'chief bottle washer' working away inside us to keep the rest of our organs free from toxins and harmful waste.
So a healthy liver means a healthy system.
Liver Active is a natural, safe, easy to use herbal spray designed to cleanse your liver.
The liver can be characterized as the body's engine, pantry, refinery, food processor, garbage disposal, and all-around health guardian.
And it relies on you to look after it!
All the usual suspects can cause damage to the liver or reduce its efficiency: junk food, a sedentary lifestyle, alcohol abuse. 
Everything you expose yourself to - including the air you breath anything your skin comes into contact with, as well as food and drink consumed, goes through your liver and accumulates there.
Sooner or later this will have an effect.
The liver cleans blood of toxins (including 'catching' alcohol), regulates thyroid hormones and is responsible for converting nutrients into substances usable by the body.
A pretty big job description, I'm sure you'll agree.
'OK,' I hear you say, 'I'm convinced! My liver needs cleansing. But how does a liver flush work?'
It couldn't be more simple with Liver Active. Delivered by spraying the liquid under the tongue a few times a day, the ingredients are easily absorbed by the body and start working straight away.
Spraying under the tongue also means the ingredients are not destroyed in the digestive tract.
So what are the ingredients?
They are all natural, homeopathic herbs. Bryonia Alba, or White Bryony, which is commonly used to relieve pains caused by body dysfunction. Liver Active also contains Carduus Marianus, or Milk Thistle, which concentrates on the liver and has been used for centuries in herbal medicine.
Also included is Chelidonium Majus, a powerful detoxifying agent also used for centuries by herbalists. 
All of these ingredients, the manufacturers claim, 'quickly result in an improved liver function.'

Because your overall health and vitality depends on the health of your liver, the cleanse should refresh and re-energize.
With 'high standard formulations' and 'top of the line ingredients', Liver Active can help prevent your liver suffering in silence.
This is a homeopathic formulation to keep your liver toxin-free.
The use of homeopathic ingredients for specific conditions is based on 'homeopathic provings' that are recorded in the Homeopathic Materia Medica. 
In homeopathy, the ingredients are used at levels that are non-toxic with no negative side effects.
However the product should not be used by pregnant women, nursing mothers and diabetics.
You should consult your doctor in any case.
And remember that natural supplements are not approved by the FDA.
So what do customers think of Liver Active?
'It keeps your liver well under control and helps in its proper functioning. You can eat more and enjoy more with good digestion process,' said one.
But that doesn't mean going straight back to the junk food!
Treat your liver right with a healthy diet, exercise and fresh air.
Users report a significant improvement in energy levels and blood pressure. 
It may also help with another 'big organ' - the waistline! - because a healthy liver can more efficiently convert fat to energy.
So if you're feeling sluggish, low energy, afflicted by a general malaise - think about your liver.
Treat it right with a healthy lifestyle.
Liver Active can help - but not on its own.
Date Reviewed: November 10, 2011, 12:28 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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