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Over 70 E-books Included Diagrams and Videos Included Money-Back Guarantee


May Be Legal Issues Depending On Where You Live Some Tools May Be Illegal


This is a solid product that has a great reputation on the Internet. With a money-back guarantee, if you're interested in lock picking there's no reason not to pick this up.

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Lock Pickers Bible Review
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The Lock Picker's Bible ( - REVIEW

The Lock Picker's Bible is a rather unique product and there isn't a lot like it currently available on the Internet. This is mainly due to legal reasons and the fact that many people probably shouldn't know how to pick locks in the first place. What this product offers you is the opportunity to gain a very valuable skill that can be used to make extra money or just to know for fun. If you've ever been locked out of your home and resorted to breaking a window or simply kicking the door in, you know that ends up being quite expensive and knowing how to pick a lock would have been pretty useful.

You can find other lock picking resources on the web but many of them seem to have been written in the 1980s rendering them a little on the old side. I'm sure some of the information is still good but if you're looking at this product, you can tell it's very up to date and the author has put a lot into making sure it's the newest information at all times.

So what do you get with the Lock Picker's Bible and what can you do with it? Let's take a look.

Included in the Lock Picker's Bible package are the following:

The Lock Picker's Bible - The main e-book. This has all the techniques you'll learn with large pictures to help you understand exactly what to do, how to do it and more spread across 10 chapters. There are 30 instructional videos included so you can watch these techniques in action.

The Lock Picker's Library - A massive e-book compilation of over 70 lock picking books and manuals. Some are old, some are new but the information given here can't be matched anywhere else. 

Make Your Own Lockpicks - This unique e-book shows you how to turn some basic tools into top notch lockpicks. Most of these tools you can find in hardware stores but some, such as dental tools, will have to be ordered online. 

How To Open Combination Locks - Ever see those old movies with safe crackers? Now you can learn this very cool skill. It will mainly work with little locks like you'd use on a locker or bicycle but it's a great party trick and if you can't remember a combination and are locked out of your own things, it's nice to be able to figure it out.

How To Get Into Cars Without Keys - My solution is usually a rock but this shows you the proper way doing no damage to your vehicle. Very handy to know unless you lock your supplies in your car trunk. Then you might have to call someone to bring you the items you need.

100% Money Back Guarantee
- You can try this product for about 2 months with no worries at all. 

The combination of these products included in The Lock Picker's Bible will teach you how to pick padlocks, tumbler locks, lever locks, tube locks (vending machines/bikes), car locks, how to bypass locks instead of having to pick them in the first place, and a lot of useful knowledge about how locks and keys work, what master keys are, how to get them, and even about special tools you can get such as bump keys.

User Testimonials

Martin Bell (user on the official website)

"Great Stuff. I've had an interest in this for years but never got round to doing much about it. This guide to lockpicking really helped me out"

Site Owner (

"In this no-holds barred straight to the point guide, you'll have access to locksmith trade secrets that have been kept from non-professionals for years"

The Bottom Line

If you have an interest in lock picking, The Lock Picker's Bible is absolutely perfect for you. It has a good money back guarantee to accompany the tons of e-books, diagrams and videos. This pretty much guarantees that you'll learn how to pick locks and be able to use this valuable skill properly.

This could easily lead to a new career or a supplementary income because people get locked out of their cars, homes and workplaces every single day. If you invest a few bucks into some tools, this could be very lucrative for you and you could even give larger companies a run for their money. If not, it would make a fun hobby.
Date Reviewed: March 13, 2012, 1:32 pm
Reviewed by Robert Sunset
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