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The system offers crystal clear HD video both in the daytime and night. It also offers up mobile viewing to watch your home while you are away.


Though a bit expensive, this system has few true cons. One is that it sometimes has a delay in notifications.


Overall, this product is one of the best systems on the market for home security done yourself. If you want to install something that will work effectively, then this product is for you.

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Logitech Alert 700e from Logitech
Logitech Alert 700e Review
Rodney Southern rates this 4/5
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REVIEW: Logitech Alert 700e Night-Vision Security Camera

The Logitech Alert 700e is one of the more interesting items I have had the pleasure of reviewing. This night-vision outdoor camera is one of the better values on the market, but it does require a master system to work. The Logitech Alert 700e is actually the add-on camera that you can use to add extra protection or security to an existing Outdoor Master Security System Logitech Alert 750e or an Indoor Master Security System Logitech Alert 750i. These little cameras offer up a ton of bang for your buck, with only a handful of minor annoyances.

What did I like about the Logitech Alert 700e?

One of the coolest features that the Logitech Alert 700e offers is mobile viewing. Not only can you watch what is happening from home, you can also watch what is going on from one of these cameras on your iPhone, Blackberry or mobile device. Even better, you can do it for free with an app. Not many camera security systems offer such flexibility at no additional cost.

According to several reviews I read online, this camera also offers up a pretty awesome picture as well. It is advertised as HD-quality video and all signs say that it pretty accurate. The indoor version of this camera offers a pretty bad picture in the dark, but this outdoor version is incredibly sharp and clear.

It also offers up incredibly easy installation. You simply find a spot that makes sense for your camera to be installed, plug it in, and the system operates off the electricity flow in your home. It synchs right up and allows you a great deal of freedom.

The Logitech Alert 700e is also motion-triggered. This means that it only comes on and works when it senses movement. Also, you get a text message when certain areas sense movement, such as your front or back door. This feature got both good and bad reviews.

Finally, this bad boy is weatherproof and they are not kidding. Online you can find many stories about how this camera worked and weathered many horrific storms. It seems to be solid as they come where toughness is concerned.

What did not pass muster with the Logitech Alert 700e?

The most common complaint you hear about the Logitech Alert 700e is the cost and I get it. You certainly have cheaper options out there. On the flip side of that, however, the quality is off the charts. I guess it boils down to getting what you pay for in the end. If you donít mind paying for quality, then you will not mind this price. Logitech has a pretty good reputation in the area of security systems so the risk is minimal here.

Another common complaint I read about was that the alerts were often delayed, sometimes by as much as four to five minutes. This is a serious flaw as that is about long enough for a burglar to do his worst and get out. If alerts are delayed by five minutes, this system is not going to be very effective in catching anybody in the act. It will still be good for gathering evidence after the fact. This is not all the time, but it is long enough to cause many people to complain about it.

Final Analysis

The Logitech Alert 700e is a solid option for those of us that want to protect our home and family with only a few minor frustrations. The system is not going to come cheap, but quality products rarely do. I feel that it is fairly priced for what it delivers, however. Overall, the system is highly rated across the board on the various reviews that I consulted. If I were going to buy a system for my home, the Logitech Alert 700e would be on my short list of systems to invest in.

I rate this a solid buy for sure.

Date Reviewed: April 21, 2012, 12:38 pm
Reviewed by Rodney Southern
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