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Very comprehensive site that lets you put all your eggs in one basket so they are much easier to manage. Very affordable and has a great reputation around the net.


You could always use a free hosting service and build sites yourself but that can be a hassle.


This is a well respected company and if you need web hosting for any reason, you simply can't go wrong with Lonex.

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Lonex Web Hosting ( REVIEW - How do they stack up?

Lonex Web Hosting is an affordable, all-in-one hosting site that features quite a lot of options for those looking for web site hosting and domain names whether for personal, business or reseller use. A hosting company will provide a virtual space to store all the information that goes into building your website such as images, videos, text, and pretty much everything that makes a website function properly. There is a lot of competition in this area so in this article we'll focus on some of the things that makes Lonex Web Hosting stand out from the crowd.

When you first view their website, you can immediately see some of their options and packages along with all the free extras that come along with them. One nice touch is that you will automatically qualify for a domain name of your own free for one year with most of their hosting plans. These hosting plans run from as low as $3.95 per month for personal plans up to $14.95 per month for their "enterprise" package.

Why Would I Want Web Hosting?

Web hosting allows you to have complete control over your website or blog and this can be very useful for businesses as well as personal sites. If you are starting a small business and want to get your name out there, Lonex Web Hosting provides you with enough storage space and bandwidth to accommodate a shopping cart, tons of pictures and videos and all the needed information to help you with your customers. A personal site could be somewhere to share photos and videos with friends and family and most free blogs won't let you do this or they may try to gain the rights to use what you put there. You don't want your family reunion to become part of some advertisement somewhere.

What Comes In Packages Offered From Lonex Web Hosting?

Unlimited Disk Space - This is like your hard drive and where you'll store all of the information your website uses. This could be almost anything from articles to pictures to videos and forms.

Unlimited Monthly Visitors - You don't want limited traffic for a business site so with unlimited visitors, you could have a massively popular site and not experience any outages, slow loading times or errors.

Free Domain Registration - This is the .com or .net part of your website's address. Usually these cost between $5 and $25 so having this for free is very handy.

One-click Scripts Installer - This feature can install various things such as the popular Wordpress website/blogging platform with a single click. If you've ever installed WP yourself, you know it can be a frustrating experience. This does it for you and could be a wiki, forum, online album or more.

Online Website Builder - This functions as an easy to use site builder for those new to site design or those who want a professional looking site built quickly. 

You also get a money back guarantee, 1 hour support response time and instant account activation.

This isn't even all that's available across the various packages offered by Lonex Web Hosting. This really is a comprehensive site that allows you to do everything imaginable if it involves building your own website and getting it set up for visitors to use.

The Bottom Line

This is a pretty impressive web site that should definitely appeal to someone looking to build one or more websites. It doesn't matter if you are building a personal site or a massive shopping site, Lonex Web Hosting has something to offer. The inclusion of a free domain name and domain name manager are great and many web hosts won't offer that.
Date Reviewed: April 10, 2012, 8:11 pm
Reviewed by Robert Sunset
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