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This item works right out of the box. It is loaded with features such as night vision, two way audio and even motion sensing technology. All of this is provided at a price point that most can afford.


Poor picture quality comes up often. Also most criminals could easily by-pass the system or disable it completely if they are paying attention.


Given the price of the product, this is an awesome little security system overall. You get lots of bang for your buck here.

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Lorex LIVE SD9 Security System from Lorex
Lorex LIVE SD9 Security System Review
Rodney Southern rates this 3.5/5
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REVIEW: Lorex LIVE SD9 Security System (Wireless, LW2902)

When it comes to home security, it is never fun realizing that the good stuff is very expensive. People are looking for bargains in everything and home security is no different. Not everyone can pay the big bucks for the top of the line security system, right? I know I canít. This is the area where Lorex LIVE SD9 security system comes into play. It is an inexpensive, out of the box security system that can be up and running in minutes. It sounds like exactly what my family needs since it is less than $300 and still says it is capable of doing the job right.

Is it really that easy to set up?

In a word, yes. You open the box, mount the cameras, plug them in, plug in the base unit and then you have a signal when you turn them on. There is no real set up at all short of actually putting the cameras and base unit exactly where you want them. The base unit doubles as a digital picture frame and actually shows pictures when you are not getting a signal via motion sensing technology. When you get something that passes by the camera that sets off heat (people, animals or cars), then the unit will go live with the feed.

Installation is the best thing about this unit. It is very easy to set up and literally works straight out of the box. The feed is strong if you stay within the stated distances. I read several reviews where folks clearly said they were x distance away from the base unit that was too far away, and then complained about it. If it says to stay within 400 feet, donít complain because it wonít go to 450.

What about recording?

The unit includes an SD memory card that will record any action on the unit until it is full. When it is full, you can download the information to a computer and then wipe it clean all over again. Just like your digital camera, this is a very efficient way to keep up with who or what is happening on the other end of that camera lens. The unit comes with two cameras, so you can place them where ever you decide they are needed. They are weatherproof but should not be placed in direct rain.

This part of the system works very well and gets fantastic reviews across the board. The only real complaint about recording was that you occasionally get lapses in the recording. It is shot in increments and could actually miss any intruders if it were timed just right. The odds of that happening are pretty small, however. The window is very tiny.

Is this actually effective for security around the house?

Overall, I would say yes. There are some issues with the product where burglars are concerned. For example, the camera illuminates when it detects something. If I were a burglar, I would see that light with no problems and simply unplug it. Also the base unit is not fooling anyone. Cool as it may be, it certainly would be the first thing I would consider as the base unit if I broke into a house with this system. I would simply take that with me. Then again, criminals are a pretty dumb group, so maybe that is no big deal after all. Most security systems have this problem to some degree anyway.

What about other uses?

Certainly the unit would be fantastic as a baby monitor or home monitor inside. The cameras expand out to as many as four cameras giving you lots of flexibility. Also, you have two way audio capabilities with this little bad boy. That means that you can soothe your baby from the other side of the house if you wanted, and call your husband from the garage as well.

What are the major complaints about this product?

As great as the idea is, the product has many complaints about the picture quality. Ironically, the night vision is said to be excellent overall. The majority of complaints were about the picture quality in general. The quality is certainly not top of the line, but then again you are not paying for high definition here. When you understand the limitations of the product, you will be happy overall with the product.

For the money, this is a solid little system overall.
Date Reviewed: April 14, 2012, 10:48 am
Reviewed by Rodney Southern
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