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Luci E Cigarettes from www.myluci.com
Luci The Gorgeous E Cigarette
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Luci Review - The Gorgeous E Cigarette


It's sleek, black, sexy elegance makes Luci the E Cigarette of choice for anyone starting out on their e cig journey and looking for a certain style. I see this e cig appealing to city dwellers, club goers and socialites. They have a beautiful carrying case! They also have one of the more affordable starter kits at $59.99

If this is a new process for you, you'll notice you have LOTS of choices out there! It can get confusing to figure out which e cig to take that first step with. Some people are going to try a brand and if it does the job… simple, they'll stick with it. Other people will be led by curiosity or a desire to improve on their experience to try out several brands. Still others will get fascinated by and drawn into the sub-culture and go DIY, finding all sorts of gear and e juice from different suppliers and getting creative with the hardware they've bought. 

So who are you? 

Well, you never know when you begin any journey where you'll end up. We've all learned that by now. But I'd bet if you tend to be fascinated by gear and have a DIY spirit, it won't be long before you're hanging at the forums and soaking in all the knowledge that's out there (and let me tell you it runs deep!!!) The vaping world has  a really fun, cool sub-culture of people into the tech of it and everyone is happy to share what they've learned.

I, myself, am not on the gadget or DIY tip generally speaking, but I do have a thing for comparison shopping (ok… more than a thing!) I like to find "the best" as I define it for myself and I will not stop till I get it right. So if you're like me, you'll be shopping around a bit, driven in part by curiosity and in part by the quest for the best flavor, most vapor and/or longest battery life. Definitely, at least a little bit of experimenting is to be expected. Most of us didn't end up marrying the first person we dated. 

Why is Luci worth checking out?

Luci's website offers 100% secure buyer protection, a lifetime warranty on the atomizer, free shipping and a 30 day money back guarantee. On the very top of the site they have a cool little savings calculator where you can punch in the amount you spend on smokes and calculate your savings when you switch to Luci. I love it when sites do that. It helps customers have a point of reference and put the advantages of e cigs even further in perspective.

The basic starter kit comes with 2 extended life ion batteries that last about a days worth of smoking, a home charger and 5 flavored cartridges. Luci comes in 4 flavor choices, tobacco, menthol, coffee and cherry. There are 3 nicotine density levels, regular, light or none. You can also purchase a USB charger separately for the car if you're on the go a lot. The length of time the battery lasts between charging is comparable to your smart phone.

Why are E Cigs worth checking out?

 If you're new to e cigarettes and you're wondering whether it's really so much better  than smoking here are some simple reminders:

1. No second hand smoke - Luci emits water vapor 

2. No cigarette butts polluting the environment - e cigs are recyclable

3. None of the @601 carcinogens found in regular cigarettes

4. Nicotine on demand (unlike the patch)

5. "Smoke" your Luci any time anywhere - even where smoking is banned

6. Save significant money (use Luci's calculator to figure out your specific savings)

7. Won't stain your teeth

What's the drawback to Luci?

Luci gets mixed reviews in the forum on customer service, amount of vapor and flavor. Some people have very positive things to say and some people have very negative things to say. One thing everyone agrees on is the fact that this is one good looking e cig!! In all seriousness, I've never heard aesthetics buzzed about as much as with this brand. But sometimes that can be like seeing the most beautiful woman in the world and then she opens her mouth and the illusion is shattered! Or buying an expensive foreign sports car only to watch it spend most of it's time in the shop. 

If you're new to the scene and you're pulled in by Luci's look, what can I tell you? You never know till you try and happy trails. In my book you can't lose just taking the step!! Another piece of good news is, you can fill it with other brands of e-juice. Not every brand will enable you to do that. 


But, if you want my honest recommend, I'd go for V2cigs. You can customize your look to get that continuity of black on black that makes Luci so appealing. V2 is the closest to Luci aesthetically and considered a far superior brand. In terms of popularity and consistently high user ratings, V2 blows Luci away. The starter kit is the same price. But hey, sometimes you just gotta take that girl out to see for yourself! Happy hunting!

To check out Luci E cigs CLICK HERE

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Date Reviewed: February 13, 2012, 8:50 am
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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But as you saw in my review, I don't recommend it.
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