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MTPredictor Trading Software Review From: MTPredictor Ltd.

The MTPredictor Trading Software comes with free training and support, outstanding day trading tools, and maintains a real-time data feed.

If for whatever reason this product does not work out, it will end up costing you US$250. This is stated in the fine print.

MTPredictor Trading Software is the real deal and its flexibility enables users all over the globe to use it. This product will not make you money, you still need to understand trading dynamics, but it will give you the tools to become a winner in the art of trading.

MTPredictor - Is the Hefty Price Justified by a Hefty ROI For You?

MTPredictor Trading Software v6.5 is among the premier software trading products on the market today. MTPredictor is a U.K.-based company specializing in trading software products since its inception in 2001. In a volatile global economic environment, v6.5 can assist you to identify low-risk trade opportunities and help you assess which trades may be worth the risk. It also helps you to compute how much to risk on a particular trade, and manage your exit strategy efficiently to book profits or cut losses.

The company claims that v6.5 is the result of 18 months of product development. The primary goal is that you, as a stock market trader, can run a consistent trade management policy with the help of this software. In highly complex financial market systems, v6.5 is a powerful tool for both experienced and new traders. The emphasis of the product is on risk control through a professional, disciplined trading process, that ultimately translates into superior trading profits at the end of the day.

Who Needs MTPredictor v6.5?

Stock Traders: MTPredictor v6.5 can be used by anyone who trades in stocks on any of the major stock markets anywhere in the world. The software can use all the standard format data feeds from all over the world.

Commodity Futures Traders: This software is equally useful for those who trade in commodity futures such as currencies, metals, energies, and softs and agricultures on daily charts.

Index Futures Traders: If you trade in leading global index futures such as Europe FTSE, U.S. E-minis, SMI, CAC40, EuroStoxx50, Pacific Rim SPI, AEX futures, India NIFTY futures, or Hang Seng futures in real-time, you can benefit from v6.5.

Real-time or intraday traders can also use v6.5 effectively because it receives a real-time data feed directly from DTNiQFeed and eSignal and from global charting platforms such as TradeStation, NinjaTrader, and MetaTrader.

Does it Help Day Traders?

MTPredictor’s advanced Day Trading set-ups make the process fairly easy and effective. The software includes five automatic set-up ranging from the basic ABC correction to an advanced trend termination Decision Point set-up. The software finds all of them automatically and presents them on a chart, which makes it a user-friendly feature. It also includes advanced day trading tools such as the Elliot Wave module. This tool makes use of MTPredictor’s exclusive Isolation Approach to EW analysis, in addition to various other analysis techniques.

Customer Support and Training

One of the cardinal mistakes most software manufacturers commit is that they assume their customers to be naturally technology-friendly. MTPredictor makes an attempt to recognize that a stock market trader is expected to be a financial expert, and not a technology whizkid. Therefore, it goes the extra mile to offer free training and support to its customers.

It offers free training videos, blog, reports, discussion forums, and even a free online trading and training room. This online room is exclusive to the customers of MTPredictor. The training videos are designed to help traders achieve maximum value from the software. The customers are also invited to attend comprehensive training webinars that the company holds periodically, without any charge to the customers.


The company offers MTPredictor v6.5 with a 30-day money back guarantee. However, do not miss the fine print of this offer which says that US$250 will be deducted as a support fee if you return the product.

Date Reviewed: September 29, 2011, 6:38 pm
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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