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great design flexibility, great built in tools for international business, most extensive customization options.


because of it's complexity may not be as cheap a solution as some of it's competitors in the long run.


MagentoGo is the top pic for design, flexibility, international business and customization, in it's class of turnkey shopping cart solutions

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MagentoGo The Most International Online Store Solution
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MagentoGO REVIEW - The Most International Online Store Solution

What's the difference between Magento and MagentoGo?

MagentoGo is a masterful turnkey shopping cart solution, created by Magento and targeted to small business owners and entrepreneurs.  

MagentoGo is hosted software while Magento was originally conceived as licensed software. With licensed software you make a one time purchase (or sometimes the license requires annual renewals and/or a small monthly fee on top of the license.) Once you have secured the license, you then download it for use on your own server and you're free to modify it as needed. Magento also created free open source software which became extremely popular among uber skilled techie designers as a robust shopping cart with tremendous flexibility. At the same time this open source solution is notorious for it's complexity and difficulty to use reminding us that free is never free. You either pay for what you purchase with time or money and if you're paying your designer an hourly to navigate a complex system… ouch!

That's where MagentoGo comes in. Magento recognized it was not serving a key population in the web shop community. Either you had to be a mid to large scaled business and pay well for their licensed software as well as maintenance, or you were battling the rubics cube of their open source software, for the thrill and mastery of it. Most small business owners don't have the money for the one option or the time and skill for the other.

Why is it easier?

Because MagentoGo is hosted you don't need to worry about a lot of the maintenance and security issues that come up when hosting your own store, which ends up saving you time and money and enables you to focus on growing your business. MagentoGo is a level 1 PCI-DSS compliant ecommerce platform hosted on a premium infrastructure in top tier datacenters in the US (that translates to fully compliant, extremely reliable and secure hosting for your business.) 

MagentoGo's basic plan includes free shared SSL so you won't need to purchase that. Their higher tiered plans give you the option to provide your own SSL if you prefer. The benefit to that would be that the customer doesn't get redirected from your domain upon purchase which allows for more seamless integration between your store and purchasing process. But as far as safety goes, free SSL on MagentoGo's server is all you really need to protect your customers.

3 Features that make MagentoGo my top pic for your web business:

1. Multiple Languages: 

Magento Go gives you the ability to create 3 separate views of your store with each view targeting a specific language or demographic! MagentoGo has 5 default languages to choose from: English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch. Using extensions you can modify your language options to include any language you choose. In my book, this gives MagentoGo a real lead over other ecommerce platforms. The whole point of having a store on the world wide web is that it's World Wide! Being able to customize your language with the click of a button is something you would think would be more readily available but it isn't. Big thumbs up to MagentoGo for it's language options!

2. Extensive extensions! 

Because of how Magento has grown, i.e. as open source software, Magento Connect is the largest ecommerce applications marketplace in the world. This means incredible adaptability to create your store exactly to spec with everything available for your unique online store needs. For example, drop shipping is highly popular for web stores and selling on ebay. MagentoGo does not currently have native drop shipping functionality but their API (interface) is almost universally adaptive, meaning you can integrate your own drop shipping solution or purchase one from their applications marketplace, no problem.

3. Design capabilities:

MagentoGo stores not only look sleeker and better integrated than their competitors, they also automatically come with incredibly useful functionality tools, such as unlimited product options, industry leading built in SEO, devices to increase retention and loyalty (flexible coupons, gift cards, banners) and customer engagement tools like assisted shopping, product comparison, ratings and reviews and wish lists a la Amazon. I'm a big fan of the quality level and flexibility of the MagentoGo store options.

With no setup or transaction fees, their pricing for what they offer in terms of catalog and storage space is also an improvement over top competitors. Their basic package offers 100 skis and 200 MB of storage.

What's the downside?

Some shopping carts offer unlimited bandwidth which is a feature I find appealing because if there is a sudden spike in your store's popularity, you are protected. Magentogo has bandwidth limits starting with 4GB for their basic package. This is the equivalent of 12,000-18,000 visitors a month which is about 3x the number of typical small business online visitors so you are still very well covered. Their next tier up offers double that. 

Another downside is that despite their interface being vastly improved for ease of use some designers are still complaining that it lacks the simplicity of other shopping carts. While this may be true, MagentoGo makes up for it with a much wider degree of options and flexibility than many of it's competitors. That said, I'd recommend choosing a designer who is comfortable and versed with Magento and/or MagentoGo.

Finally, while they do have a help desk and live chat available 24/7 for all 4 tiers of customers, their lower two tiers do not have access to phone support. That's the only downside to MagentoGo that gives me pause. I'm the type of person who relies heavily on phone support, although I have found live chat to be effective.

My Recommend:

MagentoGo has a free 30 day trial, no credit card required. MagentoGo also currently has a $1M ecommerce stimulus, giving your business $15/month credit for the next year. See if you qualify for their stimulus and take MagentoGo for a free 30 day test run.

Date Reviewed: February 22, 2012, 2:04 pm
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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