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Easy to use, instant effects, good variety of effects, no programming knowledge required.

Issues with customer support. Functionality limited so make sure Magic Flare provides what you need. No back up copy of software.

Great for casual users and instant effects with no hassle.

Magic Flare (by Epinoisis) - REVIEW

Do you have a website you want to make more eyecatching? Or a presentation that would benefit from banners or special effects?

Magic Flare, by Epinoisis Software, is a Windows application that can create Flash text effects in seconds without the need for any programming knowledge.

'Creating high quality Flash movies has never been so simple,' they say.

(Flash, for the uninitiated, is a way of animating text so that it mimics the meaning or content of the word - a 'Halloween' banner in a spooky-type font with bouncing pumpkins in the background, for example).

Magic Flare includes 101 effects, and you are able to add links, modify colors, text and size to suit, they say.

'Discover the magic,' say Epinoisis, and download the free demo.

Some of the effects included are: Bouncing Letters (you'll have seen this on numerous websites), Blast Blue Light (for impact), Old Movie (with 'authentic' scratchy background) and Underwater (you get the idea...)

You can check the effects out by browsing through the website.

'Easy to use' and 'instant' they say. In a matter of seconds you have Flash. 

The software comes as a downloadable program and costs $29.95.

So far, so interesting. Now we want to find out what users and consumers say about this product.

Well, in the world of software everyone has an opinion - which is great for reviewers like me! 

And there's plenty of praise for Magic Flare. 

'Kewl!' said one customer. (That's 'Cool' to me and you).

'MagicFlare has some very pretty preset effects that are easy to use and apply,' said a forum user. 

'There are some interesting looking effects here,' said another.

However these software users are a picky bunch... and they want more control than Magic Flare offers. 'What you see is what you get,' said one commentator. 'You don't get any control over the effects. There are no sliders or knobs to fiddle with to get variations on the effects.

His conclusion is that 'once the novelty wears off there might be a handful of effects one would find useful and use a few times, but that one would soon get tired of the same effects all the time.'

For this reason most of the customer comments agreed that Magic Flare would appeal to the casual users, who want a quick text effect for a web-page or presentation.

'This software is perfect for those who want to connect the dots only.'

This is also why some users suggest that Magic Flare is overpriced; however others counter this. 'The bottom line is that it cost less than 30 cents U.S. per effect, and that is pretty cheap in my book.'

And that decision is totally a customer-call. Are instant, easy-to-use Flash effects worth 30 cents each to you?

And PC Magazine (in an Editor Review) agrees that in terms of operation and features, Magic Flare offers 'high quality effects' with 'refined animations.' And Magic Flare can handle multiple text phrases, allowing for sequential display (so you can say 'Free demonstrations' followed by 'every day next week'). 

It cannot, however, handle changes in character spacing or 'mix and matching' text and background effects. 

You can change the size of text, but Magic Flare has no kerning or character spacing control.

According to one customer. 'I have tried this with many different fonts and spacing adjustments, but the program just has difficulties with character spacing,' said one customer. For him this was a 'major concern' - he liked the effect but wanted more creative control.

Up until this point, then, I was quite impressed with this program - as long as you're aware of the limitations, it appears a neat and interesting piece of software. However there are some issues with customer support. Because this is downloadable program only, you do not get a disk of the software. So when people had computer problems and needed replacement copies, they ran into problems.

'I am supposed to have replacement downloads,' said one customer. I had to re-install my operating system... and have been trying for weeks to contact this company to obtain a replacement copy.' 

'To date, they have not responded. I have attempted to email every address I can find for the company, I even faxed an inquiry to their fax number, but again, no response.'

And he wasn't the only customer with this issue.

So if you do buy this software - and I am sure many people would be happy with the functionality - then make sure you keep a copy in case of computer problems.

And Epinoisis - you need to make sure that customers can download replacement copies!
Date Reviewed: March 12, 2012, 5:12 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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