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Saves a lot of time and effort by cutting down the need for manual content submission, provides innovative features such as automated RSS feed submissions and video submissions, 60 day money back guarantee


No guarantee that the content will be accepted or bookmarked


If you own multiple websites or blogs for ad revenues or as an affiliate marketer, this program may be well suited for you to promote your online business.

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Magic Submitter from Magic Submitter
Magic Submitter Review
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Magic Submitter (by Alexandr Krulik) - REVIEW

The Internet holds practically limitless potential for you to create a successful online business of your own. However, if you are already running an Internet marketing business, or getting ready to start one, you probably already know how challenging it can be to beat the overwhelming amount of competition that is already there on the Internet. You need to think out of the box, and use innovative solutions to rip through the competition and achieve higher page rankings on search engines.

Magic Submitter promises to provide you one such effective solution that can help you beat the almost insurmountable online competition, and achieve top rankings on the leading search engines. Magic Submitter is a software program that will automate the process of submitting your promotional articles, videos, and other web content to multiple websites, blogs and forums to create wider exposure for your business, website, or blog on the Internet.

Can it really push up your page rankings?

You should be clear about one basic rule that governs the world of Internet. That is rule that without search engine optimization efforts, even the best website or blog is not likely to catch the attention of search engines, and will continue to languish in the endless virtual oblivion like millions of other websites and blogs. Magic Submitter comes to your rescue by helping you with search engine optimization strategies.

Magic Submitter puts your SEO efforts such as online article marketing, article directory submissions, bookmarking them, submitting viral videos, and updated multiple RSS feeds in top gear. It automates this entire tedious process, and continues to create wider online exposure for your website or blog throughout the Internet, month after month with fresh submissions. Search engines take notice of websites or blogs that receive a large number of backlinks and are basically creating a buzz all over the Internet. Therefore, with Magic Submitter, your page rankings will increase in all likelihood.

What else does it provide?

Magic Submitter automates your process of uploading videos to the leading video sites. It submits your articles to 35 high traffic Article Directories, which can help redirect targeted traffic to your website. An interesting feature is that you can combine your Magic Submitter program with Magic Article Rewriter to create multiple original versions of one article and submit to various article directories. Magic Submitter also submits your postings to more than 27 blogs and micro-blogs. Not only does this save you an incredible amount of time, it spreads the wings of your blog or website across the virtual realm.

If you write press releases to promote your website, this program will submit it to 18 leading press release websites automatically. It also lets your articles get bookmarked at top bookmarking sites for wider and long term exposure. It even gives you the capability to submit your website or blog’s RSS feed to top websites automatically.

How much does it cost?

You can buy Magic Submitter for a 30 day trial for $4.95, and follow it up with a monthly subscription at $67 per month. If you purchase an annual package, you can save $330 as a discount on your annual membership.

What are others saying?

Actual users and third party reviewers have largely good things to say about Magic Submitter. The reviewer at talks about the creator of this program: "It is vital that you know the creator of this ideal website marketing and promotion product. The Magic Submitter is the creation of Alexander Krulik, also known for creating the Magic Article Rewriter and the Magic Article Submitter. All of Alexander Krulik’s products gained massive popularity when it was released in 2009. It conquered the website marketing world and became one of the foremost website marketing and promotion tools."

Another reviewer at compares it with other similar software programs: "I have experienced and also personally used the majority of article content distribution programs. Personally I have tried EvoII, SENuke, Traffic Geyser, and also Unique Article Wizard. They are almost all wonderful programs, but none of them compare to Alex’s brand new Magic Submitter. Magic Submitter are able to do almost everything the other tools can achieve – combined. That is amazing."

An actual user at says: "I realize this thread is 5 months old, but you should check out MS again and compare it now to senuke x; for all the research I've done it seems MS would be second to none. I'm using the scheduler and it's really good."

Date Reviewed: January 19, 2012, 9:17 am
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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