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There is a money back guarantee if you feel you need it, but you will not need it. This program works.


The price might deter someone from buying it. However, it is cheaper than paying for a divorce.


I like this program and it does seem reasonable that it would work to save a marriage. Either spouse who wishes to save their marriage can use the information that is given within this program

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Marriage Savior System from Michael Cross
Marriage Savior System Review
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Review of the "Marriage Savior System" by Michael Cross

Michael Cross is the man behind the ‘Your Marriage Savior’, the program that aims to save marriages from ending in divorce. This program gives men the tools to save their marriage in the form of manuals and CDs. Although this program carries a high price tag, it is cheaper than a divorce or marriage counseling.

Michael Cross asked men in happy marriage what their secret to a happy marriage was. He then went ahead and compiled this program to help the men who needed it.

This program will work for many situations, if one of you is thinking of leaving, or your marriage is on the eve of divorce or you are already divorced this program will help you get back with the woman you love.

Even though this system was designed for husbands to help them save their marriages, there is no reason to hide this information from your wife if you have not split yet. If you allow your wife to see the books and manuals then the two of you will be working together, towards a common goal. One man who felt he was losing his marriage bought the program and shared it with his wife. They reconciled and are happy now. You can read his review on the ‘Mind Tips’ link in the resource section of this page.

Ron Rob did a review on hub pages about lessons he learned from using this program. He tells his readers that most marriages fail because there is no leadership with the marriage. He explains that women want a husband who can care for them, defend them and make certain of reproductive survival

In what is in the program?
You get two manuals and two CDs packed with the information you seek. The first manual is called ‘Unleashing the Lion’, the second is entitled ‘Taming the Lioness’ the two CDs are all about the self confidence a man needs to save his marriage.

Customers will also receive three bonus books. The first is ’The Case Studies Manual’, which will give you many case studies of marriages which were on the rocks and how the men saved their marriages. It is practical advise you can use for your own marriage. The second bonus is ‘The Separation Manual’ that will help you deal with the separation and win your wife back at the same time.

The added bonus that customers will receive is one on one help from Michael Cross himself. You write an email to him explaining what is going on within your marriage and he will write back within 48 hours. He will tell you how to fix the problems. You simply have to want to help your marriage by honestly opening up to him.

My thoughts
When I was reading the review that Ron Rob gave on his hub page, I totally understood what he was saying about what a woman wants in a husband. I agree with him and reading his review page helped me to understand what happened in my failed marriage. The leadership qualities evaporated. If I had seen this program back then, most likely would not be in the same situation that I am in now.

This program sounds very good to me, and I wish it had been around when my marriage ended. Some of the reviews of this program say even if your wife has been gone for years the program will help. My ex-husband has a new family now. He seems to have regained those leadership qualities that I crave. I believe this is a good program to help save a marriage. 
Date Reviewed: March 4, 2012, 8:43 pm
Reviewed by Amy Browne
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