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Mass Profit Bets From: Mass Profit Bets

60-day Money Back Guarantee, increasing the odds of winning, adding some fun and intrigue to something you enjoy doing

Credentials of the creator of this formula are unknown, and no third party endorsements to support the product

If you are looking to use Betfair for online sports betting, you may invest in the Mass Profit Bets formula to improve your winning chances.

Mass Profit Bets REVIEW - Legit sports betting system?

Mass Profit Bets is among the relatively new sports betting systems in the market. It primarily deals with the traditionally popular horse race betting. The system is focused on laying, which involves betting on an event not to happen. For instance, betting on a horse not winning or a rugby team not to win by more than five points is a key method of placing bets with Mass Profit Bets.

To make use of the Mass Profit Bets formula, you will need to have an account with Betfair, which is a leading online sports betting company. You will also be required to be available online on your computer 10 minutes before the race begins. The unique formula of Mass Profit Bets has been devised by David Howard. The official website does not provide any further information about Howard, except stating that he is a former store security guard who turned a betting professional.

Adding Logic to Gambling

David Howard claims to have discovered a logical way to improve your chances of winning when you place your bets via Betfair system. Howard has come up with an analytical formula that lets you win money systematically in online sports betting and reduces the amount of risk involved. In other words, Mass Profit Bets formula reduces the gambling element, if not eliminate it completely, from sports betting. The formula can help you achieve more consecutive wins in a row than you would in its absence. A higher strike rate of success brings in higher profits for you each time you place a bet.

David Howard claims that using his own formula, he has been able to consistently make significant profits via Betfair online sports betting. He reveals that over a period of three months, he was able to make a profit of £31,259.54, or $48,433.93 since £1 = $0.645 from, using this formula. He insists that the formula is a proven winner and has been tested for its consistency over a period of time. Howard is able to make an average profit of £121,000 every year with Mass Profit Bets formula. Mass Profit Bets also helps you secure a stand in horse betting.


David Howard offers the Mass Profit Bets online download formula at a price of £39. The price is fairly competitive in this market in comparison to other similar products. Howard also offers a 60-day 100 percent Money Back Guarantee with no conditions attached.

What Others are Saying

Mass Profit Bets enjoys positive reviews from third party reviewers, although actual customer comments are not available. says about Mass Profit Bets, “Mass Profit Bets is what we call a gamechanger– unlike other systems, it is stable, accurate and makes the best predictions everytime. The formula it uses is effective, fool-proof, and provides a high win-percentage. This tool can “crack Betfair with small to no effort.”

Date Reviewed: December 3, 2011, 2:31 am
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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