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You'll lose weight rapidly with this plan.


The evidence behind cleansing in terms of toxin removal is weak at best. You also have to avoid eating for over a week--not exactly pleasant.


If you want to lose weight rapidly, this plan will work, but it hasn't been proven to remove toxins.

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Master Cleanse Secrets from Raylen Sterling
Master Cleanse Secrets Review
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"Master Cleanse Secrets" by Raylen Sterling - REVIEW

Low mood, fatigue, body aches, sore joints, weight gain--are you experiencing any of these symptoms?  

Raylen Sterling, author of Master Cleanse Secrets, claims these problems--and much more--are the result of a buildup of toxins in your digestive tract.  The culprit: The foods we eat, which are secretly laced with toxins that get trapped in our bodies.  As we continue to eat, the toxins build up, and in turn these symptoms develop.  

So what's the cure?  Simple, says Sterling.  You'll use a cleansing program used for decades, called the Master Cleanse.  You've probably heard of it--Beyonce Knowles famously used the Master Cleanse to lose weight for her role in Dreamgirls.  It's an excellent detoxifier, says Sterling, and his book it out to prove that cleansing really is that simple.

Here's just some of the benefits he reports you'll experience:
  • Increased energy and focus
  • Clear away unsightly acne
  • Lose up to 20lbs of unwanted weight
  • Stop chronic pain, such as arthritis
  • Raise your metabolism

Here's what else you need to know about Master Cleanse Secrets.

What is Master Cleanse Secrets?

Master Cleanse Secrets is an eBook that is essentially a modification of the Master Cleanse.  Although you'll sip the same beverage as prescribed in the original Master Cleanse manual, Sterling has taken it upon himself to make a few "critical modifications."  This, he says, will enhance the effects of the cleanse.

As well as drinking the beverage--a mixture of maple syrup, lemon water, and cayenne pepper--for 7 to 10 days while abstaining from food, Sterling recommends adding a natural herbal or laxative tea.  This, he says, speeds up "elimination", which in turn removes toxins faster from the body.

To stop hunger pangs, which commonly occur during the cleanse, he also recommends taking hoodia gordonii, which he says blunts the appetite.  The evidence?  A 60 Minutes report, where a reporter noted that hoodia seemed to dull her appetite all day.

Sterling also recommends that you do some careful planning in advance before doing the Master Cleanse.  Many people fail because they don't prepare themselves, such as writing down why they want to cleanse or eliminating "trigger" sources from their house--namely, food.  Prepare yourself and you'll breeze past those 7 days, and awaken with a happier, healthier body.

Now who wouldn't sign up for that?

Issues with Master Cleanse Secrets

Now here's the problem with this eBook: It keeps on asserting that doing all of these things--fasting, drinking the beverage--will remove toxins from your body.  Toxins, supposedly, are really bad for you; they'll make you feel tired, weak, and worst of all, you'll get fat.

The problem here is that the Master Cleanse has been proven, time and time again, not to be effective.

Experts from numerous health organizations, such as the American Dietetic Association, point out that there's no scientific evidence showing that drinking a beverage will "cleanse the body of toxins."  Furthermore, you already have something that's detoxifying your body everyday.  It's called your liver.

But experts do admit that this plan will help you drop a lot of weight--fast.  This isn't because of the beverage, however; it's because you're subsisting on fewer than 200 calories a day.

Of course, if you starve yourself, you're going to lose weight.  That's a no brainer.

What the Customers are Saying

So what are the customers saying about this program?  It turns out that there are no (unbiased) customer reviews about this product yet.  Many people seem to be asking about the program instead of actually trying it out for themselves.


So--should you try it?

If you seriously think your body is full of toxins, Master Cleanse Secrets may not be the miracle you've been hoping for.  Yes, you'll lose weight, and perhaps you'll feel euphoric, but that's likely the effects of starvation, not detoxification.

However, if you're really desperate to lose weight, then yes, perhaps you should try this program.
Date Reviewed: February 22, 2012, 11:23 am
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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