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MaxEDD Forex Profit Optimizer 2.1 Review - Here's what real traders are saying...

Forex trading products tend to have names like small-town radio stations (KXZT live!) and this new product from Uriel Katz is no exception.
The MaxEDD Profit Optimizer claims to be the world's first 'Robot Auditor' - am equally baffling term unless you are already part of this universe of 'trading robots' - essentially software programs designed to 'mine' the currency markets and trade (profitably) on your behalf.
Most traders use a robot of one sort or another to help them interpret the market and make decisions, however there hundreds of them available and some have proved risky and unstable in the past.
MaxEDD aims to eliminate these risks.
As a result of his activities 'inspecting and grading' existing Forex robots, such as Forex Over Drive, the developer has created a product which can 'tell you which robots are the optimal to trade with so that you can profit like a master trader.'
A secret weapon, in fact, for, 'whipping almost any Forex Robot into shape.'
One of complaints the developer has about existing robots is configuration.Without proper configuration, he says, risk can be set too high, resulting in disappointing losses. Or the opposite - risk is set too low, preventing any profits being made.
This product will perform 'stringent' tests on any forex robot, so that risky or badly configured products can be discarded.
MaxEED claims to be able to detect good forex robots and optimize the performance of reliable ones.
The experience is compared to getting the right advisor.
Once installed, MaxEED works automatically on the Metatrader platform, and will evaluate and optimize any existing Forex robot. After you have discarded your 'loser' robots, it is claimed, you can squeeze your successful robot to produce more profit.
The marketing clearly disowns the 'push a button and make a million' approach, writing off these products as 'scams' which are 'massacring' the market - the market for Forex trading products, presumably.
And to prove that this is different, the developer claims to be using 'real, live accounts' as evidence of profitability, as well as access to his own trading account.
The numbers look good. The example on the website uses MaxADD toconvert a mini account of $250 into $3,202.63 after the software optimized the trading parameters of a given Forex Robot.
With these sort of numbers, and at a 'limited time' one-off price ($47), 'to a small group of initial customers' (normal price $249) then MaxEDD must surely be tempting.
The trouble is, there don't appear to be any customers as yet.
This may be because it is new (launched in September 2011), and different, 'really different' says one review, which then goes on to explain (in bad English) the efforts of 'everybody of you' to configure Forex robots.
Actually, the only people I found complaining about configuring robots were the makers of MaxEDD.
And genuine user reviews of the product are hard to find.
'At this point in time there are sadly no Forex results for this MaxEDD trading system,' says one forum. Others plead for comments so that a genuine consensus can be reached.

'If you guys want to talk about this MaxEDD system please do.'

And the word on the street is that Forex robots have become more stable in recent years, reducing the risks that MaxEDD claims to eliminate
So it may be that MaxEDD is a genuinely useful or innovative product... or it may be riding the wave of better Forex robot successes.
What's not in doubt is that the developers are 'talking the talk.'
'Man! People have been blowin up my email box about this thing lately,' says one (potential) user in a discussion forum, but unfortunately he, 'cant really offer anything definitive about this product yet, either positive or negative.'
The concept is new, and interesting to a lot of people, but no one out there seems to be using or reviewing it.
We just don't know if the product can work as claimed in a real-time, automated context.
So, as they're saying in the forums, 'Ok guys lets get the ball rolling, discuss your MaxEDD Robot strategies, thoughts, whatever'
And 'return here for updates!!'
Date Reviewed: October 18, 2011, 11:53 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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