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Good recommendations, has been genuinely helpful to some women. Author has credentials in the field.


Style doesn't suit everyone and the material feels out of date to some readers


Recommended for more mature who are confused about their relationship. Not so relevant for dating.

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Men Made Easy Review
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"Men Made Easy" by Kara Oh - REVIEW

There are times when we all feel as if we need some relationship advice.

This might be when you're dating, or it could be your marriage or long term relationship that needs reviving.

Men Made Easy is an eBook and audio program written by a woman, for women.

You can capture his heart forever, says Kara Oh.

She has discovered the 'secrets' to getting a man to respond the way you want. To melt a man's heart and make him fall madly in love with you.

Begone with all that frustration and hurt, says Kara. Find the way for your love life to make you happy instead - instead of spending months going through countless dating websites.

Now this is assuming that you want what Kara thinks you want: You want him - the man in your life or the man-to-be - to be more loving, romantic and attentive. You want men to be attracted to you; you want deep, fulfilling love. You want the fairytale.

Who doesn't?

But the real experience of many women out there in the big bad world of dating is that we love men who don't love us back (or don't behave like they do). We establish good relationships which subsequently fall apart; we wish we could be smarter about dating; we don't know how to fix our struggling relationships.

To fix all this we need to 'learn the real truth about men.'

By using Kara Oh's eBook, workbook and audio tapes, you can get a man to fall 'crazy-in-love' with you. And this is nothing to do with your looks, she says.

Kara is a relationship counsellor of many years, and a best-selling author. She has been helping men and women create fulfilling relationships for over ten years, and promises 'what I teach really will work.'

But you must not only learn these 'secrets' but apply them in your behavior and ways of communicating with men. 

And the most significant thing you can do for your man, according to Kara, is to make him feel like a man. Don't turn him down for sex repeatedly, tell him how happy he makes you. Men need to feel like your hero, she says.

What Kara calls 'Feminine Grace' is the key. Expressing your femininity and feeling good about being a woman; that's where you start.

If you can achieve this, men will fall head-over-heels in love with you.

The Men Made Easy Program ($37) includes membership of a private support group where you can ask for advice from Kara Oh and other members on relationship building; plus a 20 minute coaching session from Kara.

Learn how to communicate so he'll really hear what you say. Learn how to become truly intimate and stay that way. It's all in the 12 secrets.

So how have women responded to Kara Oh's advice?

Well endorsements and comments range from the highly enthusiastic to the more cautious.

'Excellent!' says one customer 'Extremely informative and very interesting. Excellent writer with valuable information. Every woman will benefit from this book.'

Another is equally positive:

'After 11 years of marriage things were at a stand still and I was beginning to feel like maybe I should cut my losses. I can't even put into words what a gift this book has been'

And all commentators agree that there is useful advice in the program:

'I do find this program to have very useful reminders of the differences in men and women and how we as women can better relate to men,' said one.

However there were some comments that the material was a little out of date for the modern women and especially younger women.

'If you are in your early twenties or younger I really don't recommend this book. I mean sure it was a interesting read that had a number of valid perspectives to consider, but I feel that it might have lost some of it's relevancy over the years,' was one comment.

And there were also different opinions on the style of the book. Some women loved it:

'IT IS BRILLIANT! In it are things we all know in some way, as you mention in the book, but the way you bring these ideas together and express them is just absolutely fabulous.'

But others were less enthusiastic:

'The advice in this book is actually quite good but I think the way its written is a bit cheesy. It is told in a fairy tale like way its a bit like you are being spoken to like a child.'

So I guess it depends on where you are as a woman... Some reviewers said that they already knew lots of the information contained in Men Made Easy, whereas others say that the book was a complete eye-opener. 

And women agree that if you're disillusioned or confused about your relationship then this is useful material. 'There is some good advice about being the kind of empowered, feminine woman that's happy with herself,' said one reviewer.

Go girl!
Date Reviewed: February 14, 2012, 12:32 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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