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month to month contract means no risk, lowest rates in the industry and no hidden fees, excellent customer service


It was tough to find cons. Merchant Warehouse has a BBB rating of A+ and most reported complaints came down to reasonable human error issues.


Highly recommended

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Merchant Warehouse The Industry Leader In Payment Processing
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Merchant Warehouse Review: The Industry Leader in Payment Processing

The equipment you use to run your business is essential:
As merchants, we dedicate tremendous time and effort to understanding the psychology of our customer. We think about where to place merchandise, how to word our pitch so it tips the scale to a purchase, we set up our websites for ease of use and we effort to make real connections with prospects to engender trust.
All that effort can be undermined with a faulty credit card payment system.
Think about how frustrated you feel and how preoccupied you get when you're in the middle of a busy trade show struggling to complete a sale with clumsy credit card equipment. Meanwhile new prospects are waiting to be acknowledged... and drifting away from your table!
Every extra second you spend on substandard cc equipment is business you are losing.
"Time is money" has become such a cliche we hardly hear the truth of it. But in fact, time is our true commodity. When you skimp on equipment essential to business processes you end up paying for it with your time, attention and quailty of life! 
And your customers pay for it with theirs!!
Make no mistake, if a customer completing a purchase on your website finds the process in any way dubious or awkward, that's a reflection on you and it affects your bottom line. You have taken a bite out of the trust  you worked so hard to establish. Why take that chance?
There's a reason Merchant Warehouse is the industry leader.
They understand our need for seamless payment processing and they respect our time as merchants. Here are just a few quotes from customers:
"Thank you so much for all your help. Everything went smoothly and seamlessly, and what a difference we've experienced with you as compared to the previous company!!!! Thank you for being patient with me (us); this is our first time with credit card acceptance, so we knew nothing!" Cya
"I love your (merchantWARE) online terminal page. It has everything I need in one spot; it's very user friendly" - Maria
"My decision to use your company's services was not based on cost but on employee relations with customers" - Robin
It would be worth paying a little extra for the reassurance their quality customer care and product excellence provide, but...
Here's what makes merchant Warehouse a complete no-brainer!
They put their money where their mouth is and guarantee best pricing for your merchant account and your account terminals and software
Month to month contracts means no risk for merchants (no start up, application or cancellation fees either!!)
They have the highest (99%) approval rating in the industry
They are consistently ranked top for customer service with a knowledgeable 24/7 support team and dedicated specialists.
They offer a full range of equipment including Point-Of-Sale terminals for bricks and mortar stores, as well as pin pads for debit cards and wireless terminals for mobile credit card processing.
Online merchant accounts with Merchant Warehouse have a choice of 3 payment gateways plus an extremely cost effective in house payment gateway system for low transaction volume vendors.
There is a free terminal program available.
Be aware that dealing with a Merchant Service Provider requires negotiating, based on your business' needs. Your leverage depends on things like your credit score and monthly sales volume but it never hurts to know what deal points have some wiggle room. For more negotiating tips, check out my review of USMS.
A+ with the BBB:
What's really telling to me is Merchant Warehouse's A+ rating with the BBB. Very few of Merchant Warehouse's competitors bother with the BBB and some, like probably wish they hadn't. Merchant Warehouse has a sterling reputation with the best system we have for business accountability. Elsewhere, on the forums Merchant Warehouse is consistently given top marks. With competitive pricing, based on my research other companies may match Merchant Warehouse but non exceed.
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Date Reviewed: January 10, 2012, 12:46 pm
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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