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It contains over 250 recipes. The recipes are diverse, interesting, and will please meat lovers and vegetarians.


Not all of the cookbook's metabolism-raising foods have been scientifically shown to raise the metabolism. Many of the recipes contain very few fat grams, which can make people hungrier.


If you're bored with your current diet foods, Metabolic Cooking can inspire you to create more interesting, diet-friendly dishes.

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Metabolic Cooking from Dave Ruel and Karine Losier
Metabolic Cooking Review
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"Metabolic Cooking" by Dave Ruel & Karine Losier - REVIEW

Losing weight is all about eating fewer calories and exercising more--right?  Most diet experts would agree.  

However, workout mavens Dave Ruel and Karine Losier say that we're looking at weight loss all wrong, because the foods we think are helping us lose weight are actually crashing our metabolism.  If your metabolism isn't high, you simply won't lose weight.

So what's the problem with these foods?  Both of them say these foods lack what is called a high "Metabolic Thermo-Charge."  Essentially, these foods won't raise your metabolism.  By eating more foods that don't stimulate the metabolism, your body's metabolism will eventually slow down to the point you can't lose weight.

Both of them saw this as a problem--and decided to release a cookbook called Metabolic Cooking, based on the principle that all recipes should contain metabolism-boosting foods.

What is Metabolic Cooking?

Metabolic Cooking, as the name suggests, contains recipes and foods that they say raise the metabolism.  This makes it easier to shed fat.  They say these foods have a high "Metabolic Thermo-Charge," meaning it will help you burn off more fat compared to other foods.

In turn, Dave Ruel combines these fat-burning foods into simple recipes that are easy to follow--over 250 recipes, to be precise.  All of these recipes are contained in a 9 cookbook set, divided into neat, easy-to-find categories, such as "Breakfast", "Snacks", "Sides", and "Smoothies."  He's also created sections for vegetarians and meat lovers alike.

To turn up each recipe's metabolic factor, Ruel uses fat-burning spices, such as black pepper and cinnamon.  Many of the recipes are also higher in protein while containing fewer carbohydrates, which has its own appetite-suppressing effect--protein is a natural hunger suppressant.  These recipes are also very low in fat, though it's not clear if Ruel did this intentionally or not.

As in his previous cookbook Anabolic Cooking, Ruel also incorporates sugar alternatives to save on calories, such as Stevia, which is supposed to be better for weight loss.  

All in all, it's a solid, practical, easy-to-follow cookbook for those who want to lose weight without destroying their metabolism.

Issues with Metabolic Cooking

The main issue with Metabolic Cooking lies in what it considers metabolism-raising foods.  Looking at the actual evidence, there is little evidence--at least any credible evidence--showing that spices such as cinnamon raise the metabolism.  In some cases where spices have been shown to raise the metabolism, such as cayenne pepper, its metabolism-raising effect is quite small, burning only a handful of calories daily.

The other issue lies in the lack of fat in each recipe.  While eating too much fat isn't good--fat is high in calories--all of these recipes contain very few fat grams, which could actually set people up for a fat deficiency.  Fat promotes satiety and fullness, so if you take this out of the equation, it can make people hungrier.  True, protein is also satiating, but pairing protein with fat generally is the best way to keep people fuller for longer.

What the Customers are Saying

Customers who have tried Metabolic Cooking seem to like the book, and have few complaints about it.  Many of them like the ease of use of the cookbook, how the recipes are categorized, and how easy it is to create the recipes.  One bodybuilder even said he could not "live" without this book--it helped him get away from the monotony of boring meals with little flavor.  The trend here appears to be that this cookbook is helping people learn how to cook more flavorful, interesting meals, even if they're dieting or trying to eat like a bodybuilder.


While the evidence surrounding its metabolism-boosting foods is a bit off, Metabolic Cooking is a good way to learn how to cook mindfully and creatively.  The recipes are simple to prepare and categorized for easy access, so you won't spend too much time finding the right recipe for you.

Date Reviewed: February 8, 2012, 1:02 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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