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Sturdy and well made product, stylish and affordable. Great reviews from customers.


Maybe slightly large and bulky for some people's tastes, bracelet may need adjustment.


Hot product - excellent value that will give pleasure for years - as well as reliably tell the time!

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Quartz Black & Goldtone Women's Watch MK5191 - Review from Michael Kors
Michael Kors Quartz Womens Watch MK5191
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Looking for the perfect gift for your lady or yourself? Check out the Michael Kors Quartz Watch

When it comes to buying a new watch, there is a seemingly endless variety of styles, prices and functionality.

Enough to dazzle even the most dedicated boyfriend or husband.

But the savvy present buyer will find they can do very little wrong if they check out the Michael Kors Quartz Women's Watch MK5191

With prices as a low as $158.83, this is a high quality, excellent value gift that the lady in your life will love.

This version has a black dial and black goldtone bracelet. It features luminous hands and markers along with alternating stick and Arabic numeral hour and minute markers. Plus date display, chronograph, 3 sub dials and quartz movement.
And if you'd prefer a different color then some reviewers have found the brown dial and tortoiseshell bracelet 'strikingly beautiful'.

The watches come with a gold tone stainless steel case and is water resistant at 100 meters.

Recognized as one of America's preeminent designers for luxury sportswear, Michael Kors has produced a classic black watch updated with sporty polyurethane bracelet and gold-tone accents.

There is no doubt that the ladies love this watch: I could find nothing but 5 star reviews.
'I have pretty small wrists,' said one customer, 'and was afraid that this watch was going to be too wide and bulky- it isn't and I am very happy with the overall aesthetics of the watch.'

And another dainty customer reports:
'I have a very small wrist. I have tried big watches before and always sent them back. This watch came and although it is indeed large and I had to have links taken out, I kept it and am glad I did. It's pretty, It's comfortable, I can see what time it is without my glasses(!) and I can get it wet! I am a bit of a sucker for Michael Kors merchandise anyway, and this watch was no exception!'
And there is help at hand for those who want to adjust the bracelet size themselves.
Although fashionistas might like to note that an oversized bracelet watch is an accessory in itself - a beautiful wrist accessory that tells you the time and date!

'This is my first name brand watch,' said one buyer. 'A co-worker has the same watch and I fell in love with it. The size is just perfect, love everything about it. When I received the watch I had to readjust it for it was way to big for my wrist, which was not easy. However, on YouTube I was able to find easier ways to adjust the watch. Will buy another one.'

It's surprising (and impressive!) how many customers say this - that they will buy this watch in a different color, for example, so they can wear their MK5191 at all times.

The look is important, of course, in a product like this, but so is the construction.

'Its construction is solid and the links are quite comfortable since they're coated with a rubberized material. You cannot really tell from the photo, but the links are wrapped with the rubber material vertically. So if you were to look at the watch from the left or right side, you would be able to see the gold links in between.'

A nice touch - subtle but eye-catching, especially when matched with other jewelry or accessories.

'This watch is so beautiful,' said another buyer. 'It will match all outfits because it's black, but the gold gives that glam look you are looking for! This is my second MK watch and it won't be the last!

'It's beautiful, exactly what I thought. Excellent size, color. It's not too heavy. I bought the same model in brown and white.'
'I use it 24/7 no matter what I'm wearing or what I'm doing.'

And if you're after compliments - as a gift buyer or purchaser - you won't be disappointed.

'Bought this as a gift for my girlfriend and she loves it. She gets compliments every time she wears it,' said one customer.

'The MK5191 is stylish, edgy, eye catching, and affordable. Guys this is the best watch for her, and ladies " let them envy you".'

A win-win situation.

The only potential drawback is that it is a little large and heavy. Buyers say you 'get used to' the weight, another advised that it was 'slightly bulky' and best for a medium to large person.

But really that's a personal preference. Even those who don't normally like large watches are over the moon.
'I love the watch. It's the first time I've bought such a large watch. The color is perfect for any occasion and dresscode. It's a master piece and worth every penny spent on it.'

'Beautifully designed, crafted and priced... a "must buy"!' Michael Kors is a classic American sportswear brand for those that aspire to a 'jet set' lifestyle (without breaking the bank...).

So for that lovely 'woman in black' in your life; this is a highly desirable gift. Or just buy it for yourself and enjoy as much as all the other reviewers have. We recommend purchasing on Amazon - just follow this link.

Date Reviewed: May 20, 2012, 8:54 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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