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Million Dollar Pips Review From: Million Dollar Pips

30-day money back guarantee, quick and easy setup, customized risk level, and trading volume settings

Absurdly high profit claims by the company which are difficult to verify, slow customer service

If you are frustrated with other forex trading robots, you may try your luck with Million Dollar Pips. Start with a low investment to minimize your risk exposure.

Million Dollar Pips (EA / Robot) Review - What are real traders saying?

Million Dollar Pips is a relatively new automated forex trading software program on the market. It claims to eliminate all the flaws and deficiencies of the older forex robots to ensure better trading performance and greater profits. The creator of this program, William Morrison, does not claim to be a forex trading guru, but a software programming expert with extensive experience in the field.

Morrison claims to have used six leading forex robots over the years himself, and failed to make money with all six of them. This is what inspired him to create a software program that would overcome all the limitations posed by the existing programs in the market. Morrison says that Million Dollar Pips has been designed with very high accuracy to ensure that you will not experience a bad trade when you use it.

Absurdly High Profit Claims

Million Dollar Pips claims that you can make abnormally high profits in forex trading without having to do anything from your side, except buying the software and allowing it to trade automatically. The company claims that if you had invested $250 into your forex trading account one year ago using Million Dollar Pips software program, you would have earned a profit of $1,295,161.50 by now!

Low Risk in Sustaining Losses

Million Dollar Pips claims that its software is programmed to carry out only the best possible trades that offer the lowest possible risk. Its contention is that since a software program cannot become emotional such as a human, there is not any chance of it quickly transitioning into an emotional and/or irrational state which leads to risky and poor trading decisions. Even the most seasoned forex traders will sometimes become carried away by their emotions; that risk is entirely avoided when you use Million Dollar Pips program for trading.

The software is programmed to trade on the 1M chart. The safety valve for your investments lies in its extremely tight stop loss to safeguard your money. The program uses a simple combination of an indicator and price action to identify and scalp mini breakouts using efficient trailing techniques. Success is achieved because the machine works at far higher speeds than any human can. The program uses risk diffusion by conducting a massive amount of trades.


Million Dollar Pips is priced at $99. It comes with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. The company assures that you will receive a full, hassle free refund under this guarantee if you are dissatisfied or even not.

What Others are Saying

Many users of Million Dollar Pips are still new to this robot, and some of them face initial hiccups in setting up the program and performing trades. Some customers complain that the trades happen erratically, and the program is not consistent in its performance.

Some other users have a different experience and find it better than other competing robots in the market. However, none of the customers claims to have made exceptional profits using this robot, as the company claims. Reviews about customer services also remain mixed, with some users finding the service efficient, while others complain it is slow.

Date Reviewed: October 21, 2011, 12:16 pm
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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