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Contains a plethora of material designed to positively motivate you. Comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.


It's too gimmicky and vague; doesn't give clear-cut instructions.


It's an okay product.

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Mind VIP from Mind VIP
Mind VIP Review
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"Mind VIP" by Greg Frost - REVIEW

Though it sells itself on the coattails of affiliate marketers, Mind VIP says it can help people achieve anything--be it financial success, getting perfect grades in school, or having an irresistible personality.  Bad news: It's nothing more than affirmative hypnosis sessions in disguise.  Here is my review.

  • Contains over 110 audio sessions to help motivate and inspire people
  • Comes with multiple bonuses
  • Has a 60 day money back guarantee

  • Very gimmicky; focuses more on hype than quality content
  • Makes promises it does not keep
  • Can only purchase online


Mind VIP is based on one simple promise: You'll achieve anything you want.  If you desire fame, fortune, academic success, or just a better personality, Mind VIP--the brainchild of self improvement coach Greg Frost--can get you there, using something called Whole Brain Integration, which, according to Frost, can help us achieve total mastery over our cognitive abilities.

What follows is a collection of text and audio components that help train the brain to use both sides of the brain--hence why it is called Whole Brain Integration.  Using both sides of the brain, according to Frost, is the key to true success, as it allows us to master how we think and how we perform.  He even says entrepreneurs such as Donald Trump and Mark Zuckerberg use Whole Brain Integration to become successful--something I find hard to believe.  The audio and text components, which you'll receive instantly after purchase (it's all done online), will somehow train you to employ this technique, using positive affirmations and a method that I would describe as being similar to hypnosis.


Mind VIP contains three sections: An Ultimate Success Secrets package, Brainwave Entrainment Audios, and NeuroWave Success Stories.  All three work together to teach people how to implement Whole Brain Integration, though people can pick and choose which section they use first.  Here is how each section works:
  • Ultimate Success Secrets: These techniques essentially teach you how to think in order to become successful--whether that's becoming rich, being happy and healthy, or having an enigmatic personality.  While it won't teach you to step to becoming successful, it will teach  you how to change your mindset in order to better embrace these behaviors.
  • Brainwave Entrainment Audios: These are what I would call "hypnosis audios."  These audios go through numerous topics, teaching people how to excel at them--such as losing weight, stopping alcohol addiction, and eliminating insomnia.  Again, these audios focus on how you can change the way you think to stop behaviors that can ruin your life, such as overeating, alcohol abuse, or even bad spending habits.
  • NeuroWave Success Stories: This section works by putting the person into a meditative state--and then, using the power of visual affirmations, convincing people that they can achieve success, have superhuman thinking ability, and attract success into their life.  This, supposedly, helps encode "positive beliefs" into the person's brain, making the person more positive instead of negative--which, according to Frost, can enable the person to make more successful decisions.

Overall, there's a lot of material to go through--don't expect this to be something you can rush through right away.  The audios remain the most useful feature of Mind VIP: They're designed to tackle specific issues, unlike its other features, which seem to be really vague and are hard to understand at times.


Although I think Mind VIP is a well thought out product, it draws many parallels to The Secret--a book that was popularized by Oprah Winfrey in 2006, which believes that how we think can also power what we attract in life.  Certainly, Mind VIP contains more material, and tends to be more detailed than The Secret, but still the basis of it is strikingly similar to The Secret, and in my opinion, almost identical.  It's also somewhat similar to another program called the 11 Forgotten Laws.

As far as its content goes, I think Mind VIP is just too vague in how it explains its brain-altering techniques.  It focuses mainly on telling people positive affirmations and thoughts instead of explaining how its process specifically alters how you think; it also seems to heavily rely on hypnosis.  Hypnosis itself is a controversial topic, and many experts consider it to be pseudoscience.

Nevertheless, I do think Mind VIP will be useful for those who need to be encouraged to think positively.

VerdictAlthough I think this product is more hype than anything else, it does a good job at encouraging people to become positive and happy human beings.  My recommendation: It's okay, but not an excellent buy.
Date Reviewed: April 26, 2012, 2:16 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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