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Method is simple and easy to use, some reviewers found it valuable to help them focus on their goals


Claims of 'miracle' success appear overblown. Overpriced. No feedback from individual users or individual success stories. Reviews do not include customer comments. High refund rate.


Methods could be useful to some but overall there is little evidence that the method meets the claims made. For $97 not a good buy.

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Miracle Mind Method by Chris Cains from
Miracle Mind Method Review
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Review of "Miracle Mind Method" by Chris Cains - Here's what we found...

The secret to success revealed?

Get whatever you want in life?

Make 'boatloads' of cash?

The Miracle Mind Method claims to have the answers to these taunting questions and will give you the 'only shortcut in the universe' designed to 'help anyone receive more money, love and health than you dreamed of.'

The author of this guide, Chris Cains, tells a good story via his website

He says he spent many years, like most of us, struggling to understand why some people in life seem to have it all whereas many others struggle to succeed in all the important areas: work, love life, wealth and health.

He found himself falling into a 'deep depression' because he saw that the successful people around him were either geniuses or already well connected.†

What about the ordinary guy like me? He thought.†

Then he met a man at a conference who epitomized all the envy. The guy who had everything when Chris had 'absolutely nothing'.

Chris decided to ask him straight out what the secret of his success was. Chris, he said, you just need to use a certain power of the mind to get what you really want.

This simple power of the mind was all it took.

And we all have it, according to Chris. Even ordinary people who are not geniuses or well connected.

Now I'm sure that we'd all agree that our minds have enormous, untapped power. And that we all waste opportunities that come our way. But how to tap into that power? How to make it work for you? That's what Chris Cains claims you will get if you buy his package 'The Miracle Mind.'

OK, so now you're really interested, but by no means convinced. So what does this 'Miracle Mind' method include and how does it work?

The method comes as a series of downloadable books, journals, audio mp3s and trigger cards. The first session discusses ways of shifting your focus to get what you want. 'I was amazed to find it highly effective,' said one website.

The Miracle Mind method also examines your daily routines and how to avoid 'self sabotage' and how to change bad habits. Once this happens, according to the Method 'progress becomes effortless.'

Now Chris is aware that these are big claims: it takes only 10 minutes a day, is a complete system and 'success comes automatically'. But he also claims that this is NOT too good to be true! You start with simple, easy steps, and at some point you will take the necessary 'leap of faith' to accept that you can create a sensational life.


So, the all-important question(s) - how much does the Miracle Mind method cost and does it work?

Well Chris advertises it at $97.†

Whilst looking for reviews I found material written by Chris which illuminates the Miracle Mind method. Chris talks about a book 'The †Way of the Pilgrim' in which a young homeless man hears the reading from the Bible that says we should 'Pray constantly'.

And later he read about the parapsychologist James T Mangan 'discovering' that if a person constantly repeats a certain word, with belief and emotion, you could 'bring the object of your desire into reality.'

These 'switchwords' are part of the Miracle Mind method.†

So what do customers and reviewers think about the Method?

There were no individual customer reviews that I could find of this product. However there were many websites discussing the method and its claims.
And it is not a quick fix, they say.

'[the Method] is not going to do the work for you,' said one reviewer. 'You will have to apply yourself. If you are unwilling to do the work, this product will disappoint you.'
And one discussion forum chat claims that the Miracle Mind Method is a 'hypey version of Pelmanism' -†a memory-training and personal development "system" popular in the first half of the twentieth century, which Chris Cains is 'promoting like he has the sole existing copy available.'

However the package is also reviewed as well structured containing 'useful tools.' If you're prepared to 'change the way you behave and act on a daily basis,' then the Method may help transform your life and prospects.

One reviewer noted that the promotors of the Miracle Mind method 'want your email address because after your purchase... they are going to have another new program to sell you some of which are good and others which are pure hype.'
'I ended up on Chrisís list and started receiving an almost daily barrage of promotions for †an incredible number of products,' said another.

But if you are confident that you can distinguish between the good and the hype then this package may help you focus on success.

But at $97 it is overpriced considering it is based on a well-known and freely available system. There is no evidence from users that using 'switchwords' will lead to 'automatic' success.†
And According to, an independant analytics firm tracking products sold in digital marketplaces, 11.18% of customers have requested a refund/return. This is quite a high refund rate in the industry - not a good sign.
Date Reviewed: February 22, 2012, 2:04 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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