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Detailed information for the beginner, including terminology and sample railroad setups.


No physical copy available, even though much of the content is project-based.


This is an excellent book for beginners who have not yet purchased their first trains. It will arm them with the knowledge they need to make the right decisions in their first purchase and guide them through their first model railroad set up.

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Model Trains for Beginners from Dan Morgan
Model Trains For Beginners Review
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"Model Trains for Beginners" by Dan Morgan - REVIEW

“Model Trains for Beginners” by Dan Morgan assures potential readers that it will answer all of their questions about the exciting world of model trains. Morgan covers the basics from terminology and technology as well as more advanced issues like ironing out problems in track layout. He covers scenery development is great detail, even sharing a list of household items that can be used to build scenery. Everything Morgan considers to be the essential information any beginning railroading hobbyist needs is contained within “Model Trains for Beginners.”

Packaged along with “Model Trains for Beginners” are five bonus eBooks. These titles were reason enough for many railroad enthusiasts who were beyond beginner level to choose to purchase this book. The bonus titles in the package are “The Seven Best Ways to Save Money Building Your Model Railroad,” “Weathering Made Simple,” “A Model Railroading Glossary and Resources,” “A Quick Start Guide to Model Railroading,” and “The Model Train Mistakes Almost All Beginners Make.”

eBooks and Railroad Hobbyists

While most beginner level hobbyists appreciate the information contained in this book, Morgan may be off target in his method of delivery. Many people involved in the model railroad hobby would prefer a physical book they can take with them into their train rooms. A physical copy is not currently available, however, and no plans appear to be in the works. A how-to guide like this may be best served with a spiral binding so that hobbyists can lay the book flat on a table while completing the many projects that Morgan offers in “Model Trains for Beginners.”

Mixed Review from Railroaders

“I’m not impressed by the documents I received. Maybe I’m not the real beginner as I knew more than 90% of the stuff you talk about. I’ll not ask for a refund but will also not recommend it to others. I will not extend my membership after the 1 month that came with the initial payment. The monthly fee is just too high and most information I’ve seen so far can be found for free on other sites. I do like the modeling tips that come by email. It’s that what tempted me to buy the book.” ~Jan Boen

“All in all, we feel that the “Model Trains For Beginners” book by Dan Morgan is one heck of an impressive guide that covers essential everything that every model train collectors need to know to build their dream model railroad.”


Morgan’s guide is designed with the newest of railroading newbies in mind. His goal is to prevent people from making the same costly mistakes that many hobbyists before them have made and losing interest in the hobby out of sheer frustration. This book was meant to be a guide to setting up your first model train layout. Advanced hobbyists have purchased the book as well, and many are complaining about the basic nature of the contents contained therein. Anytime a person buys a book with the word “Beginners” in the title, they should be expecting a 101 crash course. Most beginners with absolutely no model railroading experience will appreciate that all the basics have been gathered together in one convenient place.

Morgan does offer a 60-day money back guarantee, which is an absolute with any eBook that cannot be previewed in any significant way. However, many hobbyists remain reluctant to purchase this book simply because it is only offered in a digital format. This concern is understandable, considering that much of the content in “Model Trains for Beginners” is projects or information on repairing common railroad-related problems.

Based on those reviews from actual beginners who are not intimidated by the format, however, “Model Trains for Beginners” is quickly becoming an indispensable handbook for the model railroad world. Dan Morgan needs only to provide an option to order a physical copy to win over most of his naysayers.
Date Reviewed: March 10, 2012, 1:17 pm
Reviewed by Kristi Waterworth
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