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Small dimensions, fold out pocket, easy to use, cheap and durable. The Moleskine Pocket Notebook offers very few CONS


May be out run by smartphones.


Moleskine has perfected quick and dirty note taking with the Pocket sized notebook. Quickness, accessibility and fashionable, easy to use notebooks are extremely handy and help create better efficiency.

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Moleskine Mini Pocket Notebook from Moleskine
Molekine Back Pocket
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Convenient and Compact Memory-Taking

Jotting- defined as "mark or write something down quickly." Key word: quickly. What do you pull out when some piece of information that ranges from semi-important to urgent is placed before you? If you aren't using a Moleskine notebook, you could be too late or too slow in jotting it down. Even better than the notebook is the price, with online offers from at just $8.95 for three notebooks. (All for you, or for actually being generous, I'll leave you to decide)

Thoughts And Other Stuff

Just slightly larger than an iPhone the Pocket Notebook is perfect for writing down thoughts and ideas throughout the daily grind. With its 3.5 x 5 inch dimensions it slips perfectly into any back pocket. (Sorry skinny-jean-wearers, the 192 page count may be a struggle to get in and out of your tights... huh humm, I mean jeans) Any and all thoughts that may need to be written down can be kept in a central location with the Pocket Notebook and with the 192 pages, it can be kept and used for quite a while. Mine is pushing a year now, after medium use daily.  Along with thoughts and quick ideas, phone numbers, internet passwords, schedule reminders, checklists, and reminders can all be scribbled in your Pocket Notebook.

One of the greatest uses I have found for my notebook is keeping and remembering phone numbers, when left in a voicemail or message and instead of struggling to recall the number or writing it on scrap paper, it is written in my notebook, where it will not be forgotten or thrown away; adding to my efficiency. On top of all notes and thoughts, the back of the pocket book has a flow out pouch absolutely perfect for carrying cards, papers, bills, other slim objects. For quick trips across campus, to the gas station or store, I slide my ID, credit card and building entry card into the pouch and leave my bulky wallet at home and head on out. 

Pocketful of Inspiration

The Pocket Notebook can be used for much more than just jotting and memory replacement though, with the back half (no jokes about the placement of my Pocket Notebook) of my notebook dedicated to inspiring quotes, cliche phrases, and my favorite passages from various books and poems, my notebook doubles as a quick pick-me-up. What makes this easier is the ribbon bookmark in every Moleskine product allowing for quick flipping to the next empty page of the notebook. Not only is there a bookmark, but an elastic band around the outside of the notebook keeps it closed when not in use. 

 If quotes and passages aren't you're cup of tea when it comes to inspiration, Moleskine also offers, the same size notebook but in sketchbook form, as well as a notebook with unlined pages for the inner artist in us all. Perfect for a traveling artist to the in-class doodler, a sketchbook could be the perfect release from a college lecture, solo lunch or waiting room wait. 

As far as what to write with while on the go, the notebook is small enough to allow space for a pen in the back pocket as well. Simple Bic ballpoint click pens work well to slip in and out alongside the small Pocket Notebook, but for matching class purposes, I use a Zebra F-301 to simultaneously match the sleek black cover of the notebook with the sturdiness and size. 


With notes and memos so easy accessible in your other pockets with a smartphone, the pocket notebook may be obsolete, but when on the phone and in need of somewhere to take notes, the pocket notebook is super handy. Also, in bright sunlight, smartphones can often be hard to read from, all Moleskine products have cream colored pages that are much easier to read than plain white pages.
Date Reviewed: May 2, 2012, 9:35 pm
Reviewed by lynchbrian25
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Lisawrite I love these! I always keep several handy around my desk, in my purse, etc. Thanks for the review. I love Moleskine products and these are fantastic little notebooks. lisawrite Rating
Sun, May 06, 2012 4:42PM • By: lisawriterssreport user
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