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Carries a positive message and techniques that can help you succeed in all areas of life, not just finances.


Requires work and belief in the techniques of EFT.


While many looking for a quick fix might be let down, the overall lessons to be learned from this product about EFT are well worth the costs. It's an investment, provided you understand what you are getting and are willing to work on it.

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Unbiased Review of "Money Beyond Belief" from Brad Yates
Money Beyond Belief Review
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Unbiased Review of "Money Beyond Belief", by Brad Yates...

What if there was a way to increase your wealth, no matter how much you are currently earning? Who doesn’t want to earn more money? The truth of the matter is there are many people today who can greatly use more money in this economy.

Brad Yates believes he has the secrets to getting wealthy and that he can teach others to do the same. It’s not just wealthy people he is helping but also those less fortunate. He uses something called EFT- Emotional Freedom Techniques- and his guide “Money Beyond Belief” is designed to help people just like you and mean earn more money.

Brad says of his own product:

“If thousands of people around the world hadn't transformed their lives using this unusual and simple technique, I'd think it was a bunch of "snake oil" myself.

But the fact is, it works. What about people who've struggled their entire lives to make ends meet? Yup, it works for them, too. And it's not just "theory." It's scientific.”

And he tells us the story of Joe Vitale, the perfect case study for this project. After a seminar with Brad Yates just like the ones you get with this program, Joe allegedly finds wealth beyond belief. The main photo used to push this product is Joe with a $90,000 sports car he claims to have bought.

So there is a whole lot of hype; tell me what the product really does?

This is exactly the question I was asking myself. I like to get to the point about things. I could read a 20-page sales letter over and over again but what I really want to know is the answer to two questions:

1.What is it?
2.Does it work?

So I set out to seek these answers and pass them on to you. Here’s what I have come up with.
What is it?

Money Beyond Belief consists of two EFT teleseminars. Both of these seminars are done with Brad Yates and Joe Vitale. Brad does two more and even ends with a Guided Imagery. There are also a load of bonuses in the program.

Brad says, "Money is not something that is only available to the few, money is available to all of us. The types of questions you need to be asking yourself are to do with your limiting beliefs around money."

This program revolves around teaching you the right techniques to imagine yourself with the money you want, let go of your limiting beliefs about money and attract the wealth you need and want.

Does it work?

The sales page for this product is full of positive testimonials like the following:
"Fully moved onto higher spiritual ground..."
"Brad is an awesome energy healer--very gifted. He heard what I said and then he used my feelings and the words to customize the EFT work in a very profound way.

"He used his wonderful gifts as a distance healer to help me fully move onto higher spiritual ground."

-Audrey O., LCSW

But one can only expect that the testimonials listed right on the sales page for the product might be biased and although there were a lot of them, I did some more digging to try to find some unbiased opinions.
It was talked about on the Warrior Forums, number one forums for Internet marketers and popular hangout for people who seek wealth.
Williamstarrett says:

“Funny to me, the first time I watched EFT being demonstrated, I just couldn't quite allow myself to find the value in it.

Later, after a few more instances of being exposed to it, I've come to recommending it regularly and using it personally every day.

There are some great EFT videos on youtube if you would like to learn more. One user's videos that I always encourage friends to view is this one:

Be well.”

And Pat Blank says:
“Yes, I find EFT to be amazingly useful.

I interviewed a therapist for my autistic son, the therapist discussed a lot of things she did, including EFT. She did a few rounds of EFT to show me how it worked, asking me to think of something that bothered me - to my amazement, it made a difference instantly. I didn't hire her for my son (too expensive), but I started researching EFT.

[url> is a great site for more information.

Thanks for the youtube video link!”

This is what I find most intriguing about this product- the positive message that EFT spreads. I don’t see how you can fail when you follow this program appropriately. But the thing to note is that it is not a get-rich-quick scheme and some of the sales info and affiliate info makes it seem that way.

Does it work? I’d say yes because personally, I believe EFT works. However, will you get rich from it? No one can say for certain because only you have the power over that. Is it worth the money to try it out? I’d say yes if you are willing to keep an open mind about EFT and try it seriously. Are you ready to get money beyond belief
Date Reviewed: March 15, 2012, 6:39 am
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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