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Monster Stock Alerts Review From: Monster Stock Alerts

Company makes own investments in penny stocks, which may make it more knowledgeable and insightful about certain stocks.

No customer testimonials or reviews available; no disclosure about how many subscribers receive the newsletter.

Monster Stock Alerts recommendations may be biased according to its own trades. Be cautious and use a firm independent judgment if you subscribe to this newsletter.

Monster Stock Alerts (Mr. Liquid's Penny Stock Newsletter) - Pump & Dump? Or Profitable Insights?

Monster Stock Alerts is a free penny stock newsletter delivered via email into your inbox. The newsletter describes itself as “Mr. Liquid – a nerdy, mad genius of Wall Street”. It promises its subscribers to provide timely information about hot penny stock picks before the information becomes known to all. In actuality this would be deemed insider trading and if you acted on it, you could be tossed into jail for a few years.

Social Media Savvy

If you are a regular on social media networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter, you can have the convenience to receive Monster Stock Alerts communications through these channels. It is one of the few online penny stock letters that provides this advantage to its subscribers. In fact, you can also register your mobile phone number, and receive stock alerts simply on your mobile phone as short text messages.

Insightful Blog Posts

Unlike most other penny stock newsletters, the Monster Stock Alerts website provides insightful blog postings covering the latest news and updates about potentially promising penny stock companies. This information is available freely to anyone on the company’s website. These are not recommendations or stock picks, but can help you to make better informed decisions if you trade in penny stocks.

Free E-Book

Anyone can request for Monster Stock Alerts’ free e-book titled “Penny Stock Bible”. The book contains good information about penny stocks, and may particularly help a new penny stock investor to understand these stocks better. However, you should remember that if you ask for any free information on the Monster Stock Alerts homepage or request for their free e-book, your email address will be automatically added to the free subscribers’ list. You are always free to unsubscribe from the list later, but the company may forward your email information to stock brokers. So take note of this fact before you provide your email address on their website. It may be wise to establish a secondary email address before you send it to Monster Stock Alerts.

Company’s Own Stock Investments

One of the best things about Monster Stock Alerts free penny stock newsletter is that it puts its money where its mouth is. But there are some things that should concern you and that you should know about. OK, it is not exactly a compensated stock newsletter in the technical sense of the word. The company makes own investments in some of the penny stocks that it recommends to its subscribers. Affiliates, directors, officers and employees of Monster Stock Alerts may have invested in the penny stocks, which it encourages its subscribers to buy or sell.

That is fine but Monster Alerts is not the most patient trading partner. In fact, the moment you buy some shares they are already planning on selling theirs and yanking their capital out. This is quite literally like you standing on a carpet they say is soft and only giving you a few seconds of tranquillity before they pull the carpet right from underneath you. If you sell after this carpet has been yanked, most likely your capital will be noticeably smaller than what it was when you first invested.

The bottom line is, it seems like actually turning a profit following their "picks" means that you need to get in at exactly the right moment - watch your trading positions like a hawk - and pull out as soon as you see the effects of the "influx" (but BEFORE these guys close their positions).

Company’s disclaimer on its websites lists its own as well as its affiliates’ stock holdings in various penny stocks at present. It does not disclose anywhere that Monster Stock Alerts receives compensation from stock companies for its alerts or recommendations. Such disclosure is mandatory by the SEC, which effectively means that Monster Stock Alerts is not exactly a compensated newsletter.

Date Reviewed: October 12, 2011, 11:14 am
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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