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Simple, fun, concept, kids and grown-up kids love it. Who can say no to smiles in the morning?


Not for heavy use; not for all products.


Chuck out that tatty old toaster and bring some fun to your morning.

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Morning Bytes Toaster by Pop Art Toaster from Pop Art Toaster
Morning Bytes Toaster Review
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Morning Bytes Toaster (Pop Art) - FULL REVIEW

Looking for something cool and funky to brighten up your mornings?

Well you might just have found it in the Morning Bytes Toaster by Pop Art Toaster.

'Create a picture perfect meal for every day and special days,' say the makers.

The Pop Art Toaster was created by a 'mom-entrepreneur' Linda Carlish in 2005. She had noticed other moms cutting their children's sandwiches and other food into enticing shapes to help persuade their little ones to take a bite.
Well we've all known kids who, for whatever reason, decide they're not that fussed about eating any more. And it can be worse when they're ill or getting over an illness.

These experiences prompted Linda to create a patented toaster with removable and interchangeable stencil plates that slide into the machine and toasts words or pictures onto your bread, pancake or muffin.

This is a the kid-friendly version so the stencils include blocks, a smiley face, a train, a birthday cake; plus cat, dog and heart.

But you can buy stencils for the kid-at-heart, too: to please adults, teens, brides and romantics of all ages.

And if you're not in a playful mood (or the boss is coming to breakfast...), you can remove the stencil plate to make normal, undecorated toast.

'clever, cool and creative,' say the company.

All that for around $45!

There are two main markets for this toaster: parents and gadget geeks. Parents might want to create special muffins or pancakes for a kid's or toddler's party, for example; but this is also an must-have product for moms and dads who are at their wits end trying to make eating more attractive for kids with allergies or going through a stage or just plain picky.

The answer? Make food fun!

And moms agree. One reported that, 'my kids look forward to waking up and picking their toast designs.' Adding,'I received one as a gift and thought it was a little corny. But when you have kids you find a whole new way to enjoy simple pleasures including toasting your bread with art!'

The toaster has a decent set of conventional functions: adjustable thermostat control, a non-stick baking plate, indicator lights, and it will, according to the blurb, even cook eggs and donuts.

And for the cool-geeks the Pop Art Toaster is nicely designed with 1950 styling, a cool-touch plastic finish, chrome accents and four different colors.

'A really neat gadget,' said one reviewer. And more than one thought this was an excellent gift - to both give and receive.

'Just bought one for a Christmas present! Hope it impresses,' said one customer.

'My son loves it, his friends love it, and now we know what to get everybody for their birthday,' said another.

And another reported: 'We use this toaster all the time now, and have put our boring conventional toaster away. This toaster actually has more features than my old one too!'

However some people caution that this is not an 'All-In-One Toaster.' 

'Doesn't fit bagels and not recommended for toaster pastries,' reported one review.

And it may not last forever. One review said: 'The only drawback is that this toaster is made of plastic. This might not be able to withstand years of wear and tear. However, it is also very affordable and is mainly more for fun than anything else.'
 Start your kids, family or spouse off on the right note every morning with a smiley face! This toaster will put a smile on the face of the grumpiest non-morning person.

To quote a reviewer, 'This thing is great.'
It might not last forever, but then neither does that morning feeling!
Date Reviewed: March 29, 2012, 1:26 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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