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It's lightweight, comes with numerous features, and is easy to use.


It's fragile; not a good thing if you're a "fitness" device.


This is a highly recommended device for fitness enthusiasts, despite its price.

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Motorola MOTOACTV from Motorola
Motorola MOTOACTV Review
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REVIEW: Motorola MOTOACTV Fitness Tracker (GPS, 8gb)

Although its price is queasingly high ($249.99), the Motorola MOTOACTV is a sleek monster of a device that seamlessly tracks workouts while storing--and playing--your favorite songs without too much fuss.  Bad news: It's mainly designed for hardcore fitness enthusiasts.  Here's my review.

  • It's small and lightweight
  • Easy to wear and use
  • Doubles as a workout tracker and MP3 player

  • Very expensive; not for budget-minded consumers
  • Geared towards improving fitness performance--isn't for casual fitness use
  • Very fragile; made out of glass


While the MOTOACTV isn't the most stylish device on the market (leave that award to the Nike+ SportWatch GPS), it is functionally a work of art.  The MOTOACTV itself, which looks nothing more than a high-tech wristwatch, is lightweight and comfortable; it's easy to strap on and doesn't rub against the skin.  For those with bad vision, this watch won't do you any favors: The screen is about the size of a postage stamp, and the screen's display isn't calibrated for those with poor vision.  

Despite this, it still tries to make screen visibility better by keeping the display images and text crystal-clear sharp and offers an outside black-and-white mode for better viewing.  Still, this doesn't do much to make it less squint-worthy for those with less than perfect vision.  But this isn't why most customers purchase this device.


Feature-wise, the MOTOACTV is filled to the brim with them, many of them aimed to improve a person's fitness performance, speed, and workout trackability.  For starters, the device--which should be better described as a miniature computer--automatically detects your footsteps through its built in pedometer, which tracks your distance immediately after setup.  To aid the fitness-minded individual, it also comes with a built in GPS, which tracks your outdoor activity, a Wi-Fi radio for music listening on-the-go, and a USB device for transferring your own tunes to the device for later listening--just like an MP3 player.

With this also comes other features--such as the ability to calibrate the MOTOACTV to your exercise method, from running to cycling.  And if you think it can't be calibrated to your type of exercise, don't be so quick to judge--it has 40 exercise settings, so there's little chance yours isn't included in this bundle.  While casual enthusiasts may dig its MP3 features, this device is truly designed for hardcore fitness enthusiasts who need detailed exercise tracking (and entertainment) on-the-go.


Functionally-speaking, the MOTOACTV does a decent job at tracking data without being too obtrusive--a good combination during exercise.  A clip attachment, which comes with the whole MOTOACTV package, allows for easy clipping to clothing, such as shirt sleeves, making it easily portable; other accessories, such as ear plugs, plug easily into the device and don't tangle up during exercise.  To keep the display quality crystal clear, the display's glass covering is also fitted with scratch-resistant coating, saving it from the tear and wear of intense exercise (though, customers later reveal, doesn't keep it safe from breaking, as it is still fairly fragile).  

And of course, using the device itself is pretty simple--the controls are easy to use and were never hard for customers to learn and use.

What the Customers Say

As a fitness tracking device, most customers agree: It's an elite device.  "While the device may may be a little more expensive than some other options you get what you pay for and the added expense is more than worth it in my opinion," says one customer.  "It actually makes me want to run just so I can use the cool little features of the MOTOACTV."

"In sum, this is not a perfect product, but I love the combination of features and the face that it's getting better with each firmware update," says another customer.  "Using the MOTOACTV is SOOO much better than lugging around my bulky mobile phone on long runs!"


If you're a fitness fanatic, this is the best, portable purchase you can make; just be aware it's not as sturdy as it makes it out to be.  Recommendation: I highly recommend it.
Date Reviewed: April 12, 2012, 6:22 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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