Wireless Video Baby Monitor from Motorola
Motorola Wireless Video Baby Monitor Review
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The Motorola Wireless Video Baby Monitor Is a Good Choice

I never realized how difficult it could be choosing a video baby monitor! This was not a luxury that I had with my oldest children when they were infants. The technology was fairly new and the quality of baby monitors was poor. Then when my next children came along, the technology had changed even more. Now that I have a new baby, I was amazed at the quality of monitors you can get for a very low price- and with video at that!

While some parenting experts say it isnít a necessity, the peace of mind you get knowing your sleeping newborn is fine is well worth it. I remember sneaking into my babiesí rooms countless times to make sure they were okay only to wake them up in the process!

With such a wide variety of monitors available, we felt it was important to do quite a bit of research and speak to other new moms about the ones that they liked best.

At the top of my list is the Motorola Wireless Video Monitor with infrared night vision and zoom with a 2.8 inch screen. It seemed to fit everything we were looking for and also had mostly rave reviews. So letís explore a little further.


We were worried about interference since we do live in the city and we have many other gadgets in our home as well. Would it interfere with the monitor? This monitor has the technology to avoid interception from anyone who happens to be nearby. Coincidentally, I ran across several reviews written by other new moms with husbands who had similar concerns but felt this monitor met their needs.

Clarity and range

The video quality is simply amazing. The picture is clear even at night and the sound is just as good. Itís times like this that I love technology! I did read a few reviews from users who had problems with the night vision fading somewhat, however, it seems to be a rare occurrence. Ours works as good as it did the first day we bought it and baby is now five months old.

The monitorís range is about 590 feet. It allows us to roam throughout the house and even into the yard and still keep an eye on the baby. There is an out of range warning so you donít have to worry about going too far without realizing it. The automatic channel selection will also make sure that youíre getting the clearest channel.


This monitor has so many incredible features, yet itís also simple to use. It has several lullabies programmed into it if you want to use it to help put your baby to sleep. While we often rock the baby to sleep, this also helps if he wakes up when we lie him down.
I love the room temperature feature. We can make sure the room stays at a constant, comfortable temperature which seems to help the baby sleep more soundly. The two-way communication even allows you to talk to baby when she wakes, or if you want to sing to her yourself instead of using the lullaby feature. Sometimes just hearing your voice soothes baby right back to sleep.


I believe we made an excellent decision in purchasing this Motorola video baby monitor. If there was one feature they might be able to improve on, itís that there is no way to turn the sound completely off. This isnít a huge deal for us and overall this monitor seems to be the best value for the money, providing the peace of mind that is truly priceless when you bring the new baby home from the hospital.

What Others Have to Say

I previously purchased the Summer branded monitor. It was less money, had the black and white screen, and would blank out on occasion. I purchased this product for a little more and has worked perfectly for the past month. It is compact, in color, and has a more clear picture. - ak

great video monitor, it works awesome and it has great reception from one room to another. great quality sound and video. good price - Elizabeth

Very easy to use and works great. I am using it for my newborn. The only thing I wish it had was a way to mute the sound rather than having to turn it off completely. However, the video is great and the features are practical. - Diana
Date Reviewed: May 20, 2012, 8:53 am
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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