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The training advice is solid, easy to follow, and simple. Muscle Gaining Secrets is a very easy book to read.


Don't take the nutrition advice to heart; not all of it is necessarily true.


If you're looking for an excellent training program, look no further--this is one of the best books out there about the subject.

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Muscle Gaining Secrets from Jason Ferruggia
Muscle Gaining Secrets Review
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"Muscle Gaining Secrets" by Jason Ferruggia - REVIEW

So you're having a hard time becoming big and muscular like a bodybuilder--in fact, you're having a hard time even gaining weight.  No matter how much you eat or how hard you train, you're still a skinny little waif with no muscles.

You're not alone: Thousands of other men also struggle to gain mass, all due to a condition called Hardgainer's syndrome.  This syndrome occurs when your metabolism is just too high, so when you try to eat as much as you can to get big, it just doesn't work.
So what's the solution?

According to Jason Ferruggia, a certified personal trainer and bodybuilder, it's about how you eat and train, not how much you do.  And he has the secrets to getting big even if you're a natural hardgainer, which he details in the eBook Muscle Gaining Secrets.

What is Muscle Gaining Secrets?

The eBook details all you need to know about the science of getting big--from the right training techniques to eating right.  A large portion of the book is dedicated to learning the training secrets of bodybuilders, how to exercise correctly, and how to design a program that maximizes muscle gain.

Ferruggia believes in going to the basics of bodybuilding, which means he's highly against high volume training or training programs that only utilize machines.  He actually warns hardgainers to avoid the machines, which won't challenge the muscles and limit growth.  Instead, he emphasizes a bare bones free weight program, using barbells and dumbbells to do basic compound movements such as the deadlift, squat, and overhead press.  These were the moves that built bodybuilding greats such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman, and therefore will help the average man also achieve an insurmountable amount of size and definition.

The eBook explains how to do these exercises to stimulate muscle growth, as well as show basic workout programs that beginners can do.  In turn, he also explains the nutritional basics to building muscle--such as eating every 3 to 4 hours, avoiding fat-promoting foods such as fruit juice, and eating high-glycemic carbs to get hungrier faster (and therefore have an easier time eating more often).

He also reveals a bodybuilding secret most bodybuilders try to hide: The muscle-promoting effects of stretching.  Ferruggia says that stretching right after the last exercise of a muscle group can stimulate muscle growth, enhancing your muscle gains over time.  It's a tip that most bodybuilders keep hush-hush because it's an industry secret.  Well--it's a secret no longer.

Issues With Muscle Gaining Secrets

As a bodybuilding program, you can't ask for a better program.  This eBook lays the foundation for a bodybuilding program used by amateurs and pros alike.  Compound exercises also stimulate more muscle groups with less work, meaning you'll work out more effectively in less time.

However, the problem with this program is two issues: His nutrition advice isn't up to par and his stretching secret is questionable (to say the very least).  

To start, he makes the mistake of saying that frequent meals are somehow better for your hormones, when in fact that's not true--frequent eating has very little, if any, effect on the hormones.  His paranoia about foods that promote fat gain are also unfounded; no food alone can make you fat unless you're exceeding your caloric intake.

Furthermore, his stretching secret couldn't be further from the truth.  There isn't a shred of evidence that stretching boosts muscle loss, and in fact can increase your risk for injury.

What the Consumers are Saying

So this program appears to be legit--but what are consumers saying?  Here's what some consumers had to say about Muscle Gaining Secrets:

"This guy gives some good points.  You have to eat the right things at the right times."

"I honestly believe its [sic] another guy thinking he knows everything and wrote a book about it.  Knowing yourself and your body is the greatest tool for success."

FInal Review

So--should you try Muscle Gaining Secrets?  If you're really in need of a solid, no-frills bodybuilding training program, this is the method to try.  If you're in need of nutrition advice, however, this book isn't anything new; it's the same regurgitated advice you'll find on any bodybuilding website.
Date Reviewed: February 20, 2012, 7:41 am
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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