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Music Marketing Insider Circle from Music Marketing Manifesto
Music Marketing Insider Circle How To Automate Fame Indie Music Style
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Music Marketing Insider Circle Review - How to Automate Fame Indie Music Style

How the music industry fell apart:

Once upon a time, record labels and their network of relationships in the physical world provided the only way for recording artists to reach large numbers of people and develop a loyal following. Then things got messed up in the music industry and they still are! Some of the reasons the industry got messed up are actually positive for people creating music. Anyone can now make record quality music in their own home and have instant distribution for that music online. You no longer need to compete for valuable shelf space because there's infinite virtual space. That's great! Or is it?

Have you ever found yourself in the cookie section of your grocery store contemplating the sheer number of options we have today as consumers? Try it sometime. Just stand there or in the cereal section or in the toothpaste section and look at all the choices we have as consumers. On one particular occasion I can remember actually getting freaked out by it! We all tend to rebel against filters… as music consumers we want choice, the right to discover our own kind of music instead of having our tastes limited and dictated by what we're exposed to. 

The Paradigm Shift that changed things forever:

In the music business of yesteryear, there used to be very powerful filters in place. If you got on the radio people heard you. If not… only  a small fraction of people heard you. There was payola and all sorts of crazy stuff going on because records were expensive to make and shelf space was at a premium and there were only a few radio stations and they had a very select playlist. In short, the music industry was founded on and thrived on scarcity.

So you can see now what a radical paradigm shift has occurred and why nobody really knows what to do. It's as if gold suddenly became as common as dirt. I'm not comparing YOUR music to dirt… I have no doubt it sparkles like the finest metal. I'm just saying it's getting completely buried and devalued by the lack of filters. That's the downside of too much choice. Also, because of this radical shift in accessibility on all levels, the music industry is struggling (rather unsuccessfully thus far) to navigate the change. 


Big systems do not adapt swiftly to change. But individuals can! This is where Music Marketing Inner Circle comes in! You no longer need the industry, at least not in the way artists used to. What you need is just to focus on the best way to sell your music and build your fan base and you have all the resources you need right in your very own home. The same place as your recording studio. 

Virtual space is the new gateway to developing your fan base. Virtual Space is the new record label and you are the president. You sit in the seat of power and you can prove to the music industry that selling music is not about them messing with your identity to "brand" your music. It isn't about image and insider relationships. Selling music is about having access and making genuine connections with would be buyers and it's about gaining insider knowledge of how to do that for yourself most effectively. 

John Oszajca's Music Marketing Inner Circle provides the insider knowledge you need to take the reigns of your music career, develop a fan base or develop a more rewarding and consistent relationship with your current fan base. He's had years of experience both as an artist signed to major labels (Interscope and Warner Brothers) and as a successful internet entrepreneur. He single handedly engineered CD Baby's most successful sales day for a single artist... all on a budget of $400!! With his savvy as an online marketer and his background as an artist he truly walks the walk!

To check out the Music Marketing Insider Circle, Click Here.

Date Reviewed: January 10, 2012, 12:47 pm
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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