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Learn how to market your music from a saavy musician and internet marketer. Great tools and resources as well as hands on support.


If you hate the internet this is gonna be a tough one for you. Nevertheless MMM offers solutions even for technophobes (take it from one)


Big thumbs up!!!

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Music Marketing Manifesto from Music Marketing Manifesto
Music Marketing Manifesto Be A Rock Star In Virtual Space
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Music Marketing Manifesto Review - Be a Rock Star in Virtual Space

Ok let's face it… the music business has gotten a lot less sexy! With occasional exceptions like Lady Gaga most everyone in the business, from big record labels to indie artists are scrambling to stay afloat. Which is kinda freaky… think about if a financial institution like Citibank needed you more than you need them. In a way that's what has happened with record labels. They are watching their profits get leached away and their solution is to make short term "emergency" choices that devalue music as an intellectual property in the long run (very bad for songwriters!) and even scarier deals than they used to make with the artists they sign (like the dreaded 360 where they eat into your merch income, etc.) Bottom line, record labels have always viewed artists as a commodity. Now they view artists as a lower value commodity and their choices are reflecting that.

So what's a poor Rock Star to do?

Well, for one thing… You don't need the industry! Let them save their drowning ship. When they see you making money from your music all by yourself they will be scrambling to get a piece of you and at that point you will have some genuine leverage. Yes the big machine can be very useful for branding and visibility, but only once you've established your own income stream. This has actually always been true but it's especially true now.

Which is where Music Marketing Manifesto comes in.

The good news is you have a whole new resource to build income from your music… the web! Never has global reach been more possible for emerging artists and global reach can turn into global touring and global merch sales and global monthly subscriptions and all sorts of fun possibilities. 

So how does Music Marketing Manifesto help you do that?

Music marketing manifesto is an ingenious solution developed by John Oszajca. MMM capitalizes on proven internet marketing methods, applies them to music marketing in specific and allows you to develop your fan base and global reach as well as seeing more sales from your current fans. MMM takes you through the process step by step with painstaking attention to detail, video guidance, interviews, templates and other incredibly useful tools. If you're not tech savvy as many artists aren't, it might take a minute to catch on, but it's all there and available to you to absorb at your own speed. And John prides himself on answering all the questions that come up as you find your way through the digital music marketing forest. 

What does it all come back to?

Relationships... your relationship to what you do, your relationship to potential fans and your relationship to current ones. Anyone who has ever spent any time on the road knows that when people buy your music, they are affirming the connection they feel with you as an artist and human being. The connection comes first. In the past, record companies have been the ones to expose you to people enough times for them to develop a connection with you. Now, because of the web, you can do that for yourself. But it requires really understanding what motivates people. People want to have a sense of connection with you and they want to contribute to your success as an artist when they sense you are sharing yourself in a genuine way. It's that simple. The trick is in finding your genuine way of connecting which simultaneously motivates people to purchase your music.  Music Marketing Manifesto helps you bridge the gap between sharing yourself as a human being with your fans and marketing your music as a person who has chosen to make a business out of doing what you love.

There are a lot of companies out there claiming to support you as an indie artist. A lot of them are still more focused on their own bottom line. MMM gives artists the tools and resources to make real progress through their DIY efforts. It may not be sexy but it can be fun and definitely gratifying! Especially when the sales start rolling in!

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Date Reviewed: January 10, 2012, 12:47 pm
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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