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The Complete Grape Grower's Guide by Danie Wium eBook from
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The "Complete Grape Growing System" by Danie - REVIEW

Have you ever wished you could grow bunches of beautiful juicy grapes in your back yard?

Or even thought about starting a vineyard?
Then Danie Wium, 'The Grape Guy' can help.
The owner of a large grape farm in South Africa, Danie has been been growing export-quality, award-winning grapes for over ten years. 
But only after he made a few mistakes in the process. 'It took quite a few years, a lot of failures and many hours in my vineyards to perfect "The Complete Grape Growing System."' he says.
By using this comprehensive guide, you can avoid all the pitfalls, and produce 'up to 42 pounds of grapes on a single grape vine.'
Wouldn't that be wonderful, hanging from your arbor or trellis, catching the last of the sun before you pluck a few off for dessert?
However even experienced gardeners and soft fruit growers know that a successful grape crop doesn't come easily. And, as Danie says, there is much more to growing grapes than simply sticking a cutting into the ground and adding water.
He outlines some of the key elements of success on his website, These include layout, support for your vine(s), location, choice of grape variety (which may be specific to your locale), soil preparation, planting techniques, training your vine, disease control, correct pruning (this is the biggest mistake newbies make, according to Danie) and much more.
Sounds complicated, doesn't it. And ripe (excuse the pun...) with potential for mistakes. 
However Danie is now so confident in the Complete Grape Growing System that he knows if he follows it each year, he will succeed, notwithstanding the vagaries of weather and the seasons. 
And it's really easy to follow, he says, even if you have never grown grapes before.
He is careful not to guarantee success - because no one can. Grapes are a perishable product and you'll be depending, to a certain extent, on Mother Nature. However he DOES guarantee that following the Complete Grape Growing System will give you a better chance of succeeding, even if the weather does turn bad.
Over 15,000 grape growers already use his methods, including people in the most unlikely and harsh climates, he says. 
Even if you already grow grapes successfully, you'll still find tips to become better. After all no one ever stops learning. Danie can help you increase berry size (no chemicals), teach you how to manipulate clusters for better taste, color and sugar, and also look to the future by maintaining a balance between vine growth and fruit production.
The Guide costs $29.00 and Danie's website include many endorsements from users.
'I have finally finished reading your book and I am very pleased to have purchased it as it contains valuable information for novice backyard grape growers like me. I know I will continue to use it as a reference for years to come!' says one. 
'Step by step, in every day language, you explain the facts about growing a grape vine. The drawings, sketches and pictures are a fantastic source of information and clarity,' is another comment.
And Danie is accessible via email for questions and also puts up some advice online for free, such as planting your rows of vines north/south, in order to give the vines maximum exposure to sunlight.
I could not find any independent customer comments on Danie's system or eBook. However he does come across as the genuine article, with knowledge, experience and information which is sound and helpful. Some of his methods are (by his own admission) a bit labor intensive but they save time in the long run by preventing diseases (for example his method of securing shoots to the trellis).
Visualize those juicy bunches of grapes, perfect for snacking or raw juicing... then get some help from Danie to grow them!
Date Reviewed: January 17, 2012, 3:57 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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