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Thousands of woodworking projects, good for ideas and overview of carpentry/woodworking.


Shed plans are not as detailed and comprehensive as customers would have liked.


Short on specifics for building a shed - and this is what they advertise hence the rating.

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My Shed Plans by Ryan Henderson from
My Shed Plans Review
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"My Shed Plans" (12,000 plans) by Ryan Henderson - REVIEW

There's a space in your yard that's just waiting for a shed.
(I know there is in mine...)
And Ryan Henderson has his eye on that space too - to be filled with your dream shed, storage area, chicken coop or even dog kennel.
All made at home by yours truly (with a bit of help from My Shed Plans).
'Complete shed plans and woodworking course,' says the website. 'Instant access to over 12,00 shed plans and woodworking projects.'
Which sounds like rather a lot (I only wanted a shed). 
The secret, according to Mr Henderson, is to follow proven shed plans, with step by step guideline and detailed blueprints. 
'The closest thing to hiring a full time 24/7 carpenter,' he promises.
With hundreds of shed designs, plans, blueprints, 'everything from small clock housings to an entire stable' the package is certainly comprehensive.
Mr Henderson was prompted to put together his own design package after he found that there was nothing available which gave step by step detailed plans and blueprints.
His package includes materials lists, blueprints, schematics and a professional woodworking guide and course, plus guides to that all important planning.
And you don't have to be a skilled carpenter. 
'My Shed Plans will make sure you never go off course.'
The package is certainly comprehensive - listing designs for everything from pickets fences to cold frames to barbeque pits.
And the website lists in details what you can expect from My Shed Plans.
Construction drawings, site plans, floor plans, advice on lumber hardware, materials, foundations, concrete, beams, girders, stairs, framing, joints, sills, flooring, stovepipes, bracing, roofs, doors and windows, decking and even piling for wharf construction.
(For those with waterfront acreage, I guess).
Wow - all I wanted was a shed.
All for a 'special offer price' of $37.
It all seems too good to be true - especially if the plans and blueprints are as detailed and comprehensive as promised. Enough woodworking projects for a lifetime!
So what do the customers and users of this package say?
Well firstly there are lots of websites which basically rehash the My Shed Plans website and offer a direct link to purchase.
And then there are comment boards and quotes from actual customers...
Unfortunately, the latter are less than complimentary:
'The site offered free downloads for two different shed plans which I did download and review.  Both plans were comprehensive and very detailed running to 20 pages each, including a detailed materials list.  Based on these plans I decided to purchase the product.'
So far so good.
'Two days after I ordered I recieved access to the web site to download the plans.  All the plans provided were absolute garbage.  Every plan I looked at was one page with no additional documentation.  Many of the "plans" only included an elevation or an isometric view.'   
An unhappy customer.
He wasn't the only one.
'The plans are nothing more than photocopies made into PDFs with no real directions or material lists. The shed plans were one or two pages copied from real shed plan manuals that are 30 -70 pages.' 
The download version does include help documents which, 'were pretty good for the most part.'
Another customer felt that My Shed Plans was a hotchpotch of ideas. 'The plans seem to come from many different sources with no common style. Many of the plans are for simple items.' 
Compare these comments with a quote from one of the websites that links directly to selling the product:
'With this package you should be able to build your own shed from scratch even if you are a complete novice.  Each plan is complete from start to finish, including comprehensive materials lists, detailed diagrams, photos, schematic drawings and clear step-by-step instructions.'
In the interests of fairness, I have to say that there are both good reviews and bad of this product.
Unfortunately, the ones that appear to be independent are the worst.
So review the material carefully and then decide what you will do with that overgrown corner of your yard! Do you need 12000 wordworking plans?
Date Reviewed: December 5, 2011, 4:20 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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