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Installs fully in about 5 minutes You can play burned/imported games and DVDs Lots of tutorials included Plenty of bonus gifts


You can do all this yourself if you want to risk ruining your Wii There may be updates that require you to add additional software Some N64 games don't work no matter what you try


If you're going to hack your Wii anyway, you might as well do it right and skip all the hassle and potential damage that may come using other methods. This is a solid product and it works.

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Before we get into this review of the Wii Unlocker Ultra let's be upfront about it. The main reason to hack or unlock your Wii is to be able to play games and software not intended to be played on the Wii. This could be burned games, import games, homebrew games, video players, emulators and a lot more. The majority of people will use a hacked or unlocked Wii to simply bootleg games they want to play. I'm not here to judge, just review.
I myself have a hacked Wii and this is because if you have a house full of children you don't want to replace expensive scratched up Wii games all the time. My Wii was hacked long ago, by me, using the very outdated "Twilight Hack" that involved a huge ordeal of buying Twilight Princess and downloading all kinds of strange things onto my SD card. It worked great for about two years but right now it's sitting in a closet covered in what looks like grape jelly but I'm sure it still works. This is basically a testament to how hard it is to actually destroy a Wii whether it's by using strange software or filthy, grubby little toddler hands touching it.
Now that we've established that I know what I'm talking about plus am 100% non-judgemental about the use of this software, let's take a look at different methods of unlocking your Wii to cover all bases.

DIY Modchips (Hardmods)
If you're like most people, you know little or nothing about circuitry, soldering and a quick glance at your Wii will reinforce the fact that you don't know what you're doing and probably shouldn't risk ruining your Wii by fiddling with the insides. A modchip can do a number of things but mainly is there just to let you play burned copies of existing Wii games. You may or may not be able to get virtual console games to work and you might get locked out of the Nintendo Shop Channel for good. This method is NOT recommended.

Sending Your Wii Away
There are many sites that will say "just send it to us and we'll unlock it and send it back." This is one you probably shouldn't even consider unless you know the modder personally. How do you know you'll get your Wii back and if you do, who's to say it won't be messed up in some way? I don't think anyone would feel comfortable sending electronics across the country or even overseas. Modchips can become obsolete with Nintendo updates forcing you to buy a new Wii or re-chip your machine to play new releases.

Known Hacks (Softmods)
As was mentioned before, I'm personally very familiar with various hacking methods to unlock your Wii. This can be done with numerous games and/or software. Some popular methods are bannerbomb, Twilight Hack, etc.. Many of these do not work anymore simply due to the fact Nintendo updates the Wii over the Internet and newer games will force updates before you can play them. If you're Wii is hacked and this update happens, you may end up with a useless hunk of garbage. This is called "Bricking" because your Wii becomes as useful as a brick.
One of the biggest issues with doing any of these methods is the level of control. You basically give up all control and hope for the best when you self hack or send your Wii out to be serviced for you. Do you really know what you're installing or what someone else has put into the files you're jamming into your Wii? I sure don't but I did it anyway. To this day I can't play any game that uses a microphone and that stinks.

So What Exactly Does Wii Unlocker Ultra Do?
The Wii Unlocker Ultra software is considered a "softmod" since you're not cracking your Wii open at all. It basically rewrites some of the Wii's internal code that tells it what it can and can't do. This is the premise of any softmod. It's non-intrusive, relatively quick and once it's done, you don't have to mess with it again unless there's a major update and you have to do this to play a brand new game.  Let's watch the official Wii Unlocker Ultra video before we move on.

Wii Unlocker Ultra Video
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What Do I Get With The Wii Unlocker Ultra?
  • Play burned copies of Wii games
  • Play DVD and CDs
  • Play imported movies and games (PAL/NTSC both work)
  • Use emulators for systems such as N64, SNES, NES, Genesis, Sega Master System, and most type of handheld (including DS)
  • Access and play a huge variety of home made software or "homebrew"
  • Software that lets you make a perfect copy of any Wii/Gamecube game
  • 5 Video Tutorials to accompany a 20 page e-book
  • Game Patcher guide 
  • "Brick" blocker software just in case someone tampers with it, you can recover your Wii fully
  • Free membership to the official website where you can get monthly prizes, learn tips and tricks and more

Recommended Uses
Backup favorites -  I've personally bought Super Smash Bros for the Wii three times. Now I just keep one original in a closet and make copies as they wear out.Finally beat those old games - Never finished Final Fantasy 3? Now's the time to do it.Try before you buy - hear mixed reviews? Download and try the game first.
Final Impressions
This is quite a large package of goodies and they will absolutely ensure success during the unlocking process. A great thing is, with this it only takes about 5 minutes before you can begin playing again. The old fashioned way took me about 6 hours and I had to bounce around from website to website downloading all kinds of things that I really didn't understand at the time.
You're going to do it anyway so you're better off getting Wii Unlocker Ultra. It will save you hours of frustration, you won't have to learn a bunch of hacking jargon and it's reasonably priced for what you get out of it. 

Date Reviewed: January 26, 2012, 4:09 pm
Reviewed by Robert Sunset
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