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Myhosting Review - Cute and Quirky Canadian Web Server

is it wrong of me to love a hosting company because of their youtube video? As a product researcher I know that's not professional but I can't help myself and actually as I think about it, isn't your relationship with your hosting company just like any relationship? If someone gets on your nerves you'll find yourself avoiding them in little way and little ways add up over time. If you enjoy someone's company you'll want to spend more time with them and in this case that will have a net positive effect on your business.

Good News

Luckily, has the goods to back up their cuteness factor. Based in Canada and an international company with customers in over 170 countries, they were voted one of the top 25 most popular companies of 2011 and winner of best budget hosting as well as best VPS Hosting. To my relief they aren't just a friendly face in the crowd. delivers where it counts, in the areas of customer support (24/7), price and reliability. 

They also recently launched hackerwise, a very cool security device to alert and protect websites from running into SEO trouble and hacking which is essential for protecting your bottom line.

How do they stack up?

Looking at I see only two complaints lodged, one in 2009 and one in 2005. Checking out review sites the good reviews outweigh the bad by a significant majority, but these sites are tricky! I found one site with 6 scathing comments about customer support and technical problems and another site of 33 reviews that ranked myhosting 3 out of 5.  Another forum with 73 contributors and one with 113 contributors gave a nearly perfect rating. Here's the deal with review sites, though: They frequently load up their sites with phony positive reviews or they may choose to highlight bad reviews to direct you to a different product! 

So who can you trust?

Yourself and your own experience. That's it. I wish I had something more encouraging or clear to offer… some kind of algorithm you could rely on. While it's helpful to check out reviews because there's usually some truth in them, there is also the reality that everyone's pov is skewed for one reason or another. For example, you don't know the back story on any of the reviewers who had bad experiences. Generally at the heart of every battle is a seed of basic misunderstanding. In the case of hosting companies that sometimes comes in the form of mistaken or unrealistic user expectations. Sometimes. Other times it could be bad timing… the user is unfortunately on the losing end of a host's technical difficulties and maybe the customer service department is not properly trained to manage it. That happens too.

So how do you make a decision?

Use your gut and your common sense. First zoom in on the details that are relevant to your unique hosting needs. Make sure the company is going to serve those needs well. I'm someone whose needs are pretty basic and straightforward. I'm with and I've read plenty of scathing reviews about them but they work great for me. That was part of what tipped me off about the dangers of giving too much weight to what you read on the web… in either direction (yes I realize that includes me! Just telling it like it is.) Anyway, once you've shopped around and/or found a good fit with a company regarding your personal needs, then pull back and check in with yourself. See how you feel about the prospect of setting up shop through this company's hosting. Giving yourself the space to make your final decision is important because in that moment any red flags will surface. If none do then all systems are go… so go for it!

CLICK HERE to check out pricing:

But first, take a look at the vid. They're basically quirky and adorable: [video]

Date Reviewed: January 24, 2012, 9:01 pm
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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