NOS Uncovered Options Trading System
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NOS Options Trading Review From: NOS

Backing of an established investment group, exclusive focus on uncovered options trading

Limited information revealed about the promoters or their experience, no industry recognition or awards listed

If you are looking for a trading platform with singular focus on naked options trading, NOS system could be a good choice for you.

NOS Uncovered Options Trading System Review - What are real traders saying?

NOS Uncovered Options Trading System is an online trading platform exclusively dedicated to trading in naked or uncovered options. The trading system is managed by a group of experienced traders, called the “NOS Team,” which is an independent affiliate of Highlight Investments Group. With this affiliation, the trading system receives a strong back-up of the group’s technology, data, Web Hosting, and other technical and administrative support systems.

What are naked options?

A naked or uncovered options contract is one that does not have the backing of an offsetting position that would help reduce the risk. “Naked trading” poses substantial risks for an options trader, but it can also be highly profitable. Experienced and knowledgeable investors are usually considered more suitable candidates for this type of trading.

NOS Technical Analysis

The NOS Teams conducts independent market analysis on behalf of its traders, and generates sharp trading tips and signals to achieve high profitability. NOS Uncovered Options Trading System is not 100 percent mechanical or automated system, and it does incorporate a degree of subjectivity.

It uses MarketVolume index volume and advance decline indicators as its fundamental technology that enables its trading analysts to make sharp and slightly subjective market decisions. The system also takes into account other forms of technical indicators into its decision making process to ensure superior level of returns are provided to its traders and investors.

Types of Subscriptions

NOS Uncovered Options Trading System offers access to the SPY and QQQQ naked options signals. It provides a choice of three different types of subscriptions to these signals for the traders:

NOS - Naked Options AT Signals: These are QQQQ and SPY uncovered options trading signals that are generated during the trading hours. The NOS Team sends an email alert as soon as any changes take places within the signals. Auto trading is allowed under this subscription.
NOS - Naked Options Signals: This subscription offers the same signals as the first choice, except that under this account auto trading is not allowed.
NOS - Naked Options Reports: This subscription also offers the same signals as the first choice, but in this case the summary emails are sent after the trading hours are over. It means the signals in this report could be traded only the next trading day. Auto trading is not permitted under this subscription either.


NOS Uncovered Options Trading System makes an effort to ensure the security and reliability of its platform. The trading signals are monitored by an independent third party called The signals of NOS are also auto traded by almost all the leading online options brokers, which is an indicator of the integrity of the system.

NOS Uncovered Options Trading System generates it signals using the proven and recognized proprietary technologies developed by Using the research and methodology of MarketVolume, the NOS Team has developed its own technology to generate stable signals to trade in uncovered options.

Date Reviewed: November 21, 2011, 3:14 pm
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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