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Compact, portable sanitization. Environmentally friendly and easy to use.


Very little feedback available yet. Cannot guarantee 100% eradication of germs.


The jury is out on this as a complete source of disinfection, but could be very useful when no alternatives available.

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Nano UV water and surface disinfecting wand from zadro
Nano UV Water Disinfector Review
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Nano UV water and surface disinfecting wand detailed information
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Review of the Nano UV (Water Disinfection & Sanitizer)

Are you worried about the quality of your water?

Or perhaps you're going on vacation and have concerns over the drinking water at your destination.

Well the makers of the Nano UV Water Disinfection and Surface Sanitizer say they have the answer.

Now the idea of using ultraviolet light as a sterilizer is relatively old technology, in fact UV has been used in water purification and medicine since the beginning of the 20th century.

The type of UV used in sanitization, particularly in water purification systems, is the Ultraviolet C (UVC) also referred to as short wave, which is especially damaging to bacteria and viruses such as Legionella, Salmonella, E-coli, and Hepatitus A Virus. 

So it is no wonder that UV disinfecting lights have been used to disinfect surfaces in hospitals for years.  

The Nano UV Sanitizer is a small, handheld unit which the manufacturers claim to be the first dual action device, with the ability to disinfect water as well as surfaces.

Other devices on the market can 'sweep' surfaces; the Nano UV wand will also scan water to remove harmful germs. You simply pass the wand close to the surface of the water to disinfect.

'Laboratory, Certified & Tested.'

The product is 'backed by independent laboratory studies', and eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, mold and fungus, by passing the wand for 10 seconds over surfaces and 40 seconds for water.

It is priced at $99.95.

UV sterilizers are now available for a wide range of home and small business uses, such as disease prevention in aquariums, in allergy relief, for disinfecting work surfaces and counter tops, and sanitizing public areas such as furniture in doctors' surgeries.

Which is no surprise, considering that no known microorganism has developed resistance to UVC. 

The main uses for the Nano Wand are for traveling, office and in-home. Because it is lightweight and portable (running on AAA batteries) it can be carried around for use in daily activities and used instead of harmful sprays or chemical disinfectants. In fact some reviewers argue that this is the wand's best feature: that it is green and clean.

Surfaces and water become, 'virtually germ-free after a quick sweep' says the blurb. 'Promotes a healthier and safer environment for home, office, and travel.

So, is the wand effective?

The problem is that there isn't really any way to tell, and the issue is raised by customers and reviewers.

'It's hard to know how well it's working, but it seems to deliver on its claims,' said one customer.

Yet another is convinced that, 'it has no effect - doesn't kill a thing!'

But there's the rub (or sweep, if you like), because this reviewer has no way of knowing if the band does or doesn't effectively disinfect!

As outlined above, the science certainly supports claims that UV can kill bacteria. But you'll probably have noted that the wording is '99.99% effective' and the word disinfection (not sterilization is used). 

This is because absolute sterilization is only achievable in a controlled environment. There may be problems with water that is cloudy, or high in hardness or iron, so water with these issues would need to be filtered or pre-treated.

And the surface sweep will only be effective if there is nothing to block the UV (so corners, shadowed areas etc. might be an issue).

And I was unable to find any reviews from travelers who had successfully used this device whilst away from home.

Which is a shame, because it is an interesting idea. But in the real world sanitization of both water and surfaces can only, at best, be partially achieved.

So I would only use this in conjunction with good general hygiene and careful selection of water, utensils etc.

But in an emergency it could be a life saver!
Date Reviewed: April 2, 2012, 9:39 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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