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Natural Cure for Yeast Infection by Sarah Summer from
Natural Cure For Yeast Infection Review
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"Natural Cure for Yeast Infection" by Sarah Summer - REVIEW

Anyone who has suffered from a yeast infection will know that the worst thing about them... is that they come back!

Which suggests, as the natural health experts out there say, that drug treatments are only attacking the symptoms of the infection, not the cause.

And, as Sarah Summer, author of the eBook Natural Cure for Yeast Infection is quite happy to acknowledge, there are hundreds of so-called cures out there on the internet.

Some of them, she says, are downright dangerous. But if you buy her book you can gain, 'complete relief in hours'.

Relief from burning, itching, painful urination and all of the other uncomfortable symptoms we know (and dread).

'Cure Your Yeast Infection, 100% Guaranteed,' says Sarah. Fast, effective and 'for good.'

Sarah is a Health Researcher and Editor of the medical publication,

She was, she says, also a former sufferer from chronic yeast infection and 'knows first hand how yeast infections can disrupt a person's life.'

Of the many natural yeast infection 'cures' promoted on the internet, she says there are very few that are safe and effective.

For example, don't use Boric Acid, she says. I had to pass that one on just in case anyone was considering it. NO!

Sarah says she can help cure your yeast infection; stop the burning, itching, rashes and discharge. Plus the lack of energy and other unusual symptoms.

(It's frightening what conditions may have their roots in chronic yeast infection... from depression to memory problems to lowered immune system and respiratory problems - so no wonder people are looking for a permanent cure rather than just symptomatic relief).

Take heart, says Sarah. For a start off you are not on your own. Apparently an estimated 75% of the population suffer from some sort of yeast infection at some time in their life.

But Sarah says that yeast, thrush and Candida can be cured permanently. 'Once and for all completely eliminated.'

She made her 'breakthrough' after a year of research. 'All my symptoms vanished within hours. The results were so startling and the cure so rapid I was amazed,' she says.

And endorsements published on her website agree:

'This revolutionary treatment has changed my life forever, said one woman. 'It cured my symptoms and it corrected the cause of my infections.'

'It was a miracle cure for me,' said another, 'and my doctor was amazed.'

According to Sarah, the human body has no ability to attack and kill the spores that are the cause of yeast infections, but she can show you how to kill them.

The eBook costs $29.97 and Sarah offers one on one support to a 'limited quantity' of customers.

It all sounds very promising and there is serious interest in Sarah's methods in independent reports on the internet. There are a number of questions on forums asking for customer feedback but unfortunately there were no answers from users.

One review was interesting, saying that 'I really liked that the book doesn't provide a general formula to cure yeast infections because it wouldn't work. People have different body pathologies, and there are different factors to take into consideration for each of their yeast infections. Summer's yeast infection cure book takes the infections case by case.'

So the book considers different cases and - it would seem - offers different cures depending on how the infection arose. Again, very interesting but far more muted than the 'miracle' cures mentioned on the website (and by Sarah herself)

One review said that 'It worked well with our subjects that had mild yeast infection. We saw good results, but had an infection recurrence rate of 27%.'

Which suggests that this home remedy may well be helpful for mild infections, but chronic ones may reoccur. If you are seeking an all natural, non-harmful remedy for a mild infection, then this book could help. But there are no miracles here.
Date Reviewed: March 5, 2012, 9:33 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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