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Potentially useful for increased blood flow, but will not 'grow' the penis

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Natural Gain Plus (Male Enhancement / Enlargement) REVIEW - Will it "Grow" More Than Just Your Credit Card Bill?

'Where do we send your package?' say the makers of Natural Gain Plus (Male enhancement and penis enlargement program).

Hard not to make daft jokes (you mean I can buy a new package...) but this is a serious problem for many men.

'No pumps, weights or surgery,' they promise.

Which has to be a bonus.

'Thousands of satisfied Natural Gain Plus customers,' they continue. 'The most trustworthy name in male enhancement.'

The manufacturers claim 'amazing results' from their exercise techniques and blend of natural herbs, which they say increases blood flow, giving 'firmer, stronger, and fuller- feeling erections.'

Which isn't exactly penis enlargement... but it may be exactly what many men are looking for to address problems with the strength and length of their erections.

Natural Gain Plus is composed of natural, high-quality ingredients which have been used for many years to address erectile issues.
Seven all-natural ingredients, 'guaranteed to give you an erection that is both stronger and harder.'
They claim a high satisfaction rate from customers, backed by a comprehensive money back guarantee.

As with all products, check the terms and conditions for returns very carefully.

These ingredients include zinc, selenium, ginseng, saw palmetta and beta sitasterais.

And it is true that some herbs have been shown to have strong effects on libido and circulation.
Which means that they can also have an effect on that all-important factor - confidence.
And with better circulation you may, indeed, get more blood flow to the penis, and improved erections.

So, lets see what the customers say:

'I have tried a number of these items over the years and I have to say that this one works,' said one user. 
However they were careful to add, that the product did not increase the length of the penis, but it does have an effect on girth and hardness. 'It also increases the mood,' he said.

And this experience is backed up by other opinion.
 '(these herbs) can increase blood flow to the penis, and can help tone the pelvic floor muscles. More blood flow can lead to larger, harder erections, and toned pelvic floor muscles can make a penis stand more erect.'

So the penis looks bigger. Which may be all that matters.

But it appears to be a misnomer to say that this produce will enlarge your penis. Some of the elements in Natural Gain Plus will help increase blood flow to the penis, but that does not mean the penis will grow in size significantly. 
In fact, the experts say, the changes of, 'increasing the size of your penis is very slim.'

Even with pumps, weights or surgery.

Which makes Natural Gain Plus an attractive, if pricey, option.

So some of the claims made by the manufacturers are surely hyperbolic. 
'Not everyone can be a porn star, but with Natural Gain Plus, you might be mistaken for one in the bedroom,' they say.
But then they qualify this with reference to that all-important confidence.

And some users found no 'enhancement' of any sort.

'It definitely it didn't work for me, I'm completely disappointed with this product.'

As would be his lover, no doubt.(Sorry, couldn't resist one more bad joke...)

More seriously, the manufacturers warn that this product should not be used by people, 'at risk or are being treated for high blood pressure, heart, kidney, thyroid or psychiatric disease, anxiety, depression, seizure disorder or stroke.'

And a user did report side-effects:

'If you suffer from anxiety this stuff will put you over the edge. I countered this with [taking it] every other day instead of everyday which makes it more tolerable.'

So be warned.
However a reasonable consensus is that Natural Gain Plus has some value as a solid supplement system and exercise program. It is not a trailblazer but it does have something to offer those in need of enhancement help.

And do not take any supplements without consulting your doctor, this product may not have been approved by the FDA.
Date Reviewed: November 17, 2011, 1:34 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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